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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Unknown Stalker

Future Shop
I was running, like I try to do most days, fighting for some kind of sanity to set in.......

The dog had run off exploring and as usual, and the whisper of water drew me off the gravel and into the forest. The compulsion in me to get to water never seems to quench itself. Its a never ending quest that consumes more time than I care to admit. This time though, the forest was too quiet and I didn't know that I'd picked up a stalker.........

Unknowingly the lion pursued me through the brush and back out to the lonely road, creeping along so I didn't know, only that something wasn't right. Suddenly the burden to pray overtook everything else and I was almost doubled over at the base of a big rock formation. I had planned to start running, little did I know running may have been a lethal choice at the moment. As I prayed, I suddenly felt empowered with the knowledge that my endless grieving had to come to an end. It was time for me to chose joy and to support my husband's decisions regardless of how I felt. I needed to make myself excited rather than dread each new day. The burden passed, but the conviction remained heavy as I stood up and turned around to yell for my wayward pup. Turning and shouting on the top of my lungs for the dog, I saw the flash of a long tail pass over the top of me on the rocks above. I shivered inadvertantly as the realization hit me hard, a lion had been crouched over the top of me and my abrupt standing turn, yelling for the dog deterred him. I kept yelling and the dog eventually came from up the road the opposite direction. Goose bumps rose all up and down my arms and I thanked God for His deliverance with fresh gratitude......

Some time around then, an old girlfriend of mine, whom I hadn't talked to in months had a dream in the middle of the night. She said she dreamed that I was pregnant with a daughter named "Hope", and it was a much anticipated and greatly celebrated child. In the next scene, my hope was aborted and she was at its funeral. She said woke up feeling like I needed to fight for Hope.......

Bizarre occurrences seemed to thwart my best efforts for a good attitude time and time again. I'd drive the hour to town, buy fresh organic groceries, master pack the RV refrigerator full and then it would quit. Expensive food would spoil and I'd have a big mess to clean up. That happened several times. We even got our 2 year old refrigerator out of storage to have that one conk out. Water lines froze up in a freak early frost. The outhouse remains only partly built, using it early before the men are down below working is always nagging the back of my subconscious. Every day life seems so overwhelming almost every day. I picture myself in a kind of Green Acres scenario. The man who sold us the property, who happens to have recently gotten out of prison, doesn't seem to want to move out of his cabin. There is building going on all around him, but he seems almost oblivious to it all. Since that cabin was supposed to be our temporary dwelling, our phone may end up getting hooked up some place outside. Not to mention that we haven't had a phone since June. I have to drive down the road with a phone card to use one. Even the fact that our RV is parked at the bottom of a gravel pit defys all sense of creativity lurking within me. Thankfully Elasta Woman suggested putting down a tarp underneath to catch the never ending powdery earth that clings to everything around it. This dirt haunts me daily, poking and jeering fiendishly.

Just as bizarre as the opposition, goodwill also seems to defy reason here. Our builders, Matthew and Bob have donated some of their own materials to our cause, as have several others. As I type, the man helping my husand mill lumber won't take much if anything. Gracies husband sowed his labor to help on the shop one day. Her dad donated days of labor and mini cat work to us. The Scottland family is still storing our stuff there for free. Art Dog works tirelessly, every day with no complaints. I am constantly humbled by the selflessness of so many kind souls. I am also reminded, every time I work in the Emergency Department, that many many people face insurmountable horrors to which I could not possibly fathom. Every shift, their reality slaps me in the face and says "what on earth do you have to complain about?!" My hope may have undergone some hard beatings when we closed on this property, but even with living life in this gravel pit, she slowly ressurects herself bit by bit daily.

Men Hard At Work

Weekend in Kalispell

Us Girls Got The Pool To Ourselves

House Building Material is Delivered

Standing in Our New Future Living Room

Future Kitchen

Girls Kayaking Adventure

"Making Mud Snowmen" on the river

My Husband Uses His Own Brand of Ingenuity for Loading Lumber to Mill

Matthew Helping Set Tresses

Tress Delivery

Mama Braves Lasagna On The Grill (But Does Not Brave Kids Eating It In The Motorhome)

Beginning Ground Breaking On The House Site

Playing On The Tarp

Wall Raising Day On The Shop

Swimming In A Nearby Lake

House Site Excavated

Excavator Carved Out and Designed This Beautiful Rock Holding Wall

Weekend Break at Koocanusa

Koocanusa Sand Hills

Shop Ground Breaking

Outhouse Builder Extrordinare

Cement Truck Pouring For Shop

House Site

Names in The Shop Floor with "Jesus is Welcome Here"

The Dreaded RV Site in The Gravel Pit

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Archer and Saphira's Venture East

The drive to Northern MN was uneventful with a few exceptions. It was the first time Saphira had ever driven so far. Her car, Peggy Sue, an early 90's calico model made it just fine as did ours. The road across MT and the Dakotas was hot and unforgiving. Sweat dripped off my back and the only thing that held my sanity intact was the Lois L'Amour novel I escaped into. After asking Hubby to stop at a creek a few times, he finally stopped late afternoon at The Milk River. I didn't know what kind of creepy things lurked in the MILKY substance but nothing seemed as bad as the smell of my armpits. I plunged in as my kids stood by watching horrified. It was a temporary relief, and eventually the milky muddy stuff dried and mixed with new formed drops of sweat.......

We were really thankful that my mom happened to have a free hotel room and eagerly checked in close to midnight. A strange lad with a long face and hair to match welcomed me at the door, puffing on a cigarette. I asked him if he was the one giving directions and when he said "yes", I told him not to quit his day job. "Night" he corrected me. After that things were a bit awkward until I complimented his forearm tatoo. Soon he was proudly displaying many of them and forgot to continue the checking in process. To my shock and unexpected horror he proudly proclaimed he was a Wiccan and with mock superman like moves, he ripped his shirt open displaying a bold inky pentagram on his chest. I stared at the tat dumbfounded. I didn't have anything snappy to come back with, took my room card and stumbled out to the car befuddled.

Archer, Ali Cat and my grandbaby had already made the trip. Now we had escorted Saphira here back to our ancient homes in Northern MN. We gawked at the big trees that were once small and the strangeness of how things never change but at the same time an eternity has gone by. "Little Bobby" the neighbor boy was now a hulking man no one would ever call little again. Kids grow, people change, but coming home is still the same nostalgic aura. It never changes.

We got to see 2 great great grandmothers brought in from Nebraska by an aunt and sat for 5 generation photos in my inlaws back yard. We did a lot of fun activities with a lot of family and I got one last run in with my Miss Saphira whom I will miss terribly. Miss Moonbeam got to sleep with her and pee on her one last time as well. I kissed my grandbaby for hours and hours and days and days and I was even pleased that with the last kiss goodbye he proceeded to vomit up breast milk in my hair minutes before our departure back home.

Saphira and I visited her new college and we were pleased. The faculty seemed nice and it was just blocks from my sisters. A giant body of water, also just blocks away will keep her occupied and inspired. We even visited the local health food store and knew she'd make out okay. She and Archer will have each other to study with. They have both sets of grandparents, my sisters family and a host of good friends. There is not a better place I could be trusting them to. Before leaving, my mom led us all in a deep heart felt prayer and we all knew everything was in God's capable hands.....

The day finally came, the visiting was over and we said a lot of long goodbyes. The driving seemed equally long and we decided to get a room in Havre. It was dark and wet. We'd some how avoided a lot of serious storms. I stepped into a big puddle of standing water in a dimly lit parking lot off a dark forlorn street. I rapped quietly on the door and then rang the bell. At first nobody came and I was mostly glad. Then as I stepped back into the puddle a sinister looking gentleman appeared, cracking the door just slightly. "Good eveing" he whispered in an almost eerie tone. Hurridly, I paid for a room, eager to be out of the office............. I stepped into another puddle of standing water and then stepped up opening the door to the gruesome interior. A putrid smell of cigarettes and unfamilliar odors assaulted my senses and I battled my way inside. Soon I was face to face with the beast, er room. I pulled back the sheets to see what might be lurking. Mainly old cigarette burns was my only discovery. Then I edged to the bathroom. To my shock and horror, in the tub was alot of long black hairs mingled in with a host of short ones. I imagine possibly a werewolf had recently bathed there. Judging by the rank odor, he may have stored some snacks under the beds to return to later, perhaps half eaten carcasses of prior guests. One of the boys came to the doorway and asked if he could sleep in the car. My husband complained about me purchasing the room and asked if I was acutally going to stay here. Everyone was crinkling up their noses in disgust. I decided we should make a quick escape......

The hotel room was rented by a nice girl who told me there was no house keepers on that day so she would have go go search around to see if any of the rooms were clean. Eventually she rented me a room that looked okay. After I paid for it she asked me if I needed a key. Turns out all its keys were "missing" but she could go to the basement and make one later on. I wondered who had the keys and if they would decide to let themselves in. The door looked like it'd been kicked in and I figured they didn't need the key if they really wanted back in. ArtDog slept with a gun under his pillow and I felt a lot safer only seeing a couple of hairs in the bath tub.

On we drove until we got back to the mountains. A new and unknown adventure soon to begin. Now a family of 5, we would somehow have to survive. Artdog suggested that things would be much cooler now that he was in charge. Miss Moonbeam laughed hysterically pretending she had a monkey on her head alternating with breastfeeding her new doll. She informed us she "squeezed her nickles" to get some breast milk for her babies tippy sippee. Super Catman arranged rubber bands on a board in alien and animal shapes. My husband wore my zebra print sunglasses as he'd forgotten his own. Louis L'Amour and the antics of my family kept me better entertained and the mountains seemed to loom up ahead of us as if by microwave magic. I wondered what kind of adventures awaited us and if this property closing would actually happen tomorrow. Only time would tell. The mountains whispered expectancy of some great thing to come and I sensed I was embarking on some kind of greater purpose my mind wasn't ready to comprehend. Miss Moonbeam informed us "The problem with being homeless is that you really don't have any place to go". Would we continue to live in the forest or would something finally come together? It really didn't matter. I knew we weren't leaving Yaak. For better or for worse, we were making our way back there and I knew come what may my husband wasn't leaving...........