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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mundane Mischief and Related Topics

Life just keeps on going doesn't it?  For months, my big focus was HAWAII.  It was a lifetime goal that ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!  Hooray :-)  But then you have to live on and somehow gracefully transition into boring ol' mundane.  Back to Hubby working day after day, doing school with the kids, fighting off eating out of boredom and somehow drum up some short term goals so I don't feel a lack of direction.  Now don't get me wrong.  I'm an ultra busy woman.  I work, home school my kids, have friendships, work out, attend a women's "Learning to respect your husband group", keep house and even own a pet.
    Archer has a nice girl with whom he is "friends".  I've been forbidden to snoop in his business, but I love the girl dearly.  She is a real treasure.  They do a lot of activities together such as running, go for hikes, etc.  He takes her out for dinner and they sometimes wind up here on the couch together watching movies.  She's good and kind and humble and loves God.  She's a hard worker and is one of the few who can keep up with him as he's out there hiking up mountains.  She even likes to hang around with us which is really really nice.
   So anyway, last week, he casually mentioned that he was going out for dinner with her and was, for the first time, meeting her mom.  I was going in for a meeting at work and asked if I could drop by and say "hi".  That idea horrified him.  Had I been a normal, non-nosey mom, I would have left it at that and not thought another second about it.  As fate would have it, I kept thinking how much I liked her mom and wished the chance just to drop by and say "hi".  I went off for a run.  On and on I schemed about ways to somehow just happen by.  The other side of my brain says "stay out of this you are looking to be in trouble!".  Why I can't listen to sensible girl, (who rarely wins out), I will never know.  At any rate, I had concocted an elaborate scheme......
    As fate would have it, a nurse with whom I'd promised to get together with was at the meeting.  She was all for going out, and all for spying, er, dropping in.  The plan was to happen in, fill a growler and as we run into them we'd say "hi", and then casually leave.  Then the plan evolved into "well we could get a table far away if its not too busy".  As fate would have it, my son wasn't there yet, but she and her mom were.  Her mom immediately came and said "hi" to me and thought maybe I was eating with them.  Of course that was er, awkward.  Sweet "Ali Cat" asked me joking "are you spying on us?".  I turned several shaded colors struggling for air as I tried to come up with some plausible excuse.  Finally, my girlfriend and I took a table FAR across the room from where they were and I told them not to tell The Archer I was there.
   My girlfriend and I ordered drinks and appetizers.  Soon we were laughing at my crazy antics and catching up.  To my horror, my son, his friend and her mom were being seated at the table next to ours.  "You are so dead" my girlfriend said laughing.......
    Thankfully, Archer was not mad at me, though I probably deserved it.  I still feel a bit, er, guilty.  I'm thinking I need some things to focus on so I don't drive my adult children away - lol.  There is always Saphira's graduation next month......