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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Archers Elk - A Great Accomplishment

Well he did it! After 7 hard years of hunting, The Archer finally brought down a bull elk, a hard thing to do up here. Here's the story :
A few nights ago, well after dark, my husband went out looking for our Archer, who had been gone all day. Being gone all day isn't unusual for our avid 19 year old hunter, but not coming home after dark falls is. Around 11pm neither of them had returned and I was beginning to wonder what had happened to them. Super Catman and I took communion in my kitchen and we prayed for their wisdom, safety and protection. Some time around midnight the 4-wheeler and the truck drove in much to my and the kids relief. Both of them had packs full of meat and a digital camera to tell the story. Archer was walking on air. He scarfed up some food and headed to bed, knowing he would need sleep for the big pack out the next day. Every time I woke up, I prayed angels around our meat - that it would be protected from predators and spoiling.
Before dawn I was up making breakfast for the hungry men. Sock Fashion Expert wasn't feeling very good, so I left her home with Moonbeam. I wasn't so sure about the whole pack out job thing, but I figured I was needed. I also didn't want to miss the special thing that meant so much to our Archer. After hiking a few miles through forest, over slippery downed trees, up mountainous country and into dense brush, we came upon the elk.
Much to all our relief, it remained untouched. After a few pictures, the men took out knives to begin butchering. I was shocked and horrified when my husband handed me a knife - "you've got to be kidding" I was thinking. He instructed me on how to cut meat from the ribs and assigned me the job. Ugh!! Well, I guess I can try. Okay, well it wasn't that bad. I imagined that we must have been a little like the Indians of Early America. "Many hands make light work" right? So I took the straps from the ribs as Art Dog, My husband, and Archer worked on other parts. It went pretty fast. Nothing was wasted. We loaded the meat into garbage bags and then into our back packs.
They were all amazed that we were able to pack it out in just one trip that day (besides what they hauled out the night before). My husband hauled over 80 lbs, Archer hauled close to 90 lbs, I'm not sure what Super Catman had, but I hauled a little under 60 lbs and Art Dog had a little over 50 lbs. It was quite a deal. We worked hard but felt a feeling of accomplishment when it was over. As for me, I was content to see my hot tub registered within its chemical limits and I spent a good long time relaxing in there!! Now for the processing!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hot Tub Folliculitis and Other Maladies

Its Hard To Discipline Moonbeam with "Baby Jail" When Art Dog Has Pity On Her!

A wet fog clung to the air as Super Catman and I made our way down the damp road. The golden colors of the trees and the thick mist upon the mountains portrayed its own kind of beauty. Surely we live in one of the most enchanting places on the face of the earth. Not long after Super Catman nearly missed me with his bike, we saw something a little eerie. A wide pool of blood emerged in the middle of the road. Near it were drag marks into the bushes. Most likely some one shot a deer and gutted it here, but we couldn't be sure. Its not uncommon for city hunters, fearful of bears, to gut their deer on the road. Unfortunately, the blood and gut piles attract predators which makes it a little less safe for us to be out there. We kept a wary eye as I jogged along, trying to keep from stepping in it. I was relieved when I'd ran my 4 miles and Super Catman pulled into the driveway with his bike.
Yesterday we had our girls accountability group at Mists house. It was good to see each other again and we all had a lot to talk about. Mist and Elasta Woman both got their bucks already and they were thrilled about having the meat supply for winter. Goat Girl and I smiled big when we heard the stories. Mist is cute as can be and due for that little one to come next month already. Mist's Sister-in-law and family, missionaries to Kashmir, are also getting ready to make a trip to the USA. Stories of Missionaries, hunting, children and babies, and "God Sightings" burst an air of energy all around the room. Prayer was followed by Artisan Bread and warm, steamy vegetable soup.
In other news, I have survived into my 3rd day of clean eating. It hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. I had to pass up brownies, cheese cake and other "good snacks" at home. At the hospital, Int'l Vanilla Creamer and trick or treat mini candy bars called my name. As difficult as all that was, I did manage to resist all of their seducing pleas for me to eat them. On the up side, I feel like I have come out of a (dietary) fog into the light. Really, I do. After just a couple of days I have an incredible amount of energy. Last night, I had a cup of coffee sweetened with honey early on in my shift. Normally, I would have had one or two more before the night was through but I didn't even need them. I wish I could get it through to myself how much happier I am and how much better I feel when I eat right. Do you notice a difference in clarity, energy and general well being when you eat clean?
As for the maladies, well they are here too, lurking. One of them is breeding in the cesspool swamp that I call my hot tub. Its none other than the "Hot Tub Folliculitis" malady, a bacteria that grows in hot tubs. Actually, it infects follicles, causing a mostly localized reaction. Sock Fashion Expert, Super Catman and I all have the rash. Once I researched the crud, it was a rather disturbing enlightenment. For the time being, my hot tub is under "quarantine" and "shock" treatment as the chemicals wage a full scale attack. My other malady has been that I've been a little too focused on Hawaii. Its time to put the thing in God's hands now and rest knowing if it's really His will, He can bring it to pass.

In light of these ponderings, I suppose I shall possibly take refuge back in my plastic container bath tub which has been quite lonely as of late. I wish you, all my bloggie buddies, well :-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My husband and His Dad Proudly Displaying His 5x5.

Art Dog and His Grandpa Proudly Displaying His 4x4

Hike to the Canadian Border

Canada/US Border Swath Line - UGH! See the Snow Line?!

"Hello is (slaughtered name) there?"
"Yes, this is she"
"Hello (slaughtered name), my name is bankety blah bleu and I am a nurse recruiter from blubbery bloo agency. I hear you want to go to Hawaii? Well that's great. Unfortunately we don't have any assignments there, but we do have a current job in Warm, Balmy Ohio......"
And so my mission has been thwarted by these temporary set backs. Ten of them (or more) called today. Actually it was more. Sometimes there were other lines ringing in while the others were on the phone with me. It occurred to me that I may possibly be entering somewhat of a telephone twilight zone........

I decided that whether or not Hawaii ever materializes, I will become pro-active in my fitness/toning/weight loss attempts (just in case). I know that's kind of silly, but motivation is a huge key for me. Say I get to the end of winter and it never materializes, well, I'll still be happy if I end up toned and 120 lbs ;-) Here is my new plan unveiled which I have entitled "OPERATION HAWAII" : Eat clean foods for a week. Sit ups/arm work daily. Run several days a week. I know I know, its not a real impressive plan, but hey, I have to start some where right? I may even (dread) put up that weight loss ticker again (eeeww)! Okay, enough of such drudgery!!
My In laws left today. It was kind of a dreary day. The kids really really enjoyed having them around. It was even nice having Kevin's brother show up. He (Chet) graced Super Catman with an electric guitar and so he preformed (with amp) for his grandparents proudly on multiple occasions. That's all I'm going to say about that - lol!! Most evenings us girls escaped to the hot tub in the basement. Most days we got outdoors for hunting or hiking expeditions. One day we made a trip to the big city. It was a nice visit that seemed to fly by. Of course they spoiled the kids terribly while they were here with all kinds of special toys, snacks, and gizmos. Most people tell me that I'm privileged to have so many good grand parents for the kids.
I'm feeling a tad guilty because while I type, the family is in the kitchen processing Art Dog's buck but I figure I'd better take my blogging opportunity while she knocks. I've tried many a time to sneak in here and blog. Here's as far as I got last week :
"By Moonlight, I found my way down the river tonight. It was a full moon, or close and spectacular against the night sky. The river reflected His glory. What peaceful way to end a busy day."
Like I said, I gotta take em' while I can ;-) Anyway, as I was saying, all the company is gone now and we face an uncertain winter ahead.
Will it be filled with snow shoeing, skiing, early morning fires while cracking school books with the children......... quiet evenings with Louis L'Amour in the hot tub?
Or will the unknown quest for adventure and the call of God pull us into distant lands? Will I find myself comforting sick natives and tourists in some tropical Emergency Room? Or will I pull my weekly shift in my home away from home hospital near by? Tropical dreams plague my sleep and I can feel it pulling me into an unknown destiny.
Will the children, again, learn to live in a new land just like they did on our short term trips in India, New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado? Or will they just enjoy a peaceful quiet winter?

* One last thing - if you are a prayer, please remember to pray for John Clement, pastor of our orphanage in India. He was beaten during morning worship this week. *

Friday, October 22, 2010

Granny and Popeye Mean FUN FUN FUN!!

Exploring Rock Formations
My In laws...... Still in Love

Granny and her snacks!!

Granny brought Super Catman "Puma Kola"

Rare Shot of My Husband with His Brother "Chet"

Moonbeam, Mother in law and I

Another fun In laws Shot

Moonbeam with Granny Exploring in the Secret Rock Formations

Check it Out!! Par'te!! My (Hero) and (Wonderful) Husband fixed the hot tub - Hooray!! She's up and running as of today :-)

Sock Fashion Expert and Grandparents on a Stroll

My Husband, Part of the "Nail Painting Party"..........

Allot Going on Here!! Notice my husband COLORING!! Granny Painting Nails....

Even More Going On Here!

Family Pac-Man Competition :-)

My Bro-In-Law Shows Up!!

Here's a pile of fun pics from my in laws visit thus far :-) They arrived on Monday. Even my brother in law showed up to celebrate!! Its been a busy but fun couple of days.
My mind seems to be overflowing. I've been cooking, hanging out with family, working, and also getting ready to renew my ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification. That takes a lot of preparation, and I had to go to a prep class for it just the other day. Besides all that thoughts of HAWAII seem to be getting the better of me. Let me explain that one :0) Not all that long ago, I was listening to my friends planning trips to Alaska. Just listening to them I realized that I wasn't doing a lot of planning or dreaming about anything. Then my friend KBT put up this Kris Valotton Quote on FB : "When your memories are greater than your dreams, you are already beginning to die." I got to thinking about that one!! So long story, short, I'm thinking about doing some travel nursing. My husband always wanted to see Alaska, and I always wanted to see Hawaii, so who knows? Maybe I'll be blogging from some far away, exotic place in the time to come!! Time will tell. Regardless, I'm having fun dreaming anyway ;-) What kind of things do you dream about? If you're not dreaming about something special, then you'd better get that ol' thinker busy ;-) Start it out by leaving me a comment and I bet it will be just enough to get the wheels of your imagination turning!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Hot Tub

I am about to reveal to you in chronological order the perilous journey upon which I have embarked. Yes, it has been a real "Pilgrims Progress". Here it is - The Victory - The Agony - The Drama - Its all here in my story "The Hot Tub"..............

For as l o n g as I can remember, I always wanted a Hot Tub. Every so often some lucky person would brag about theirs and I would think to myself that "some day" it would happen. I'll never forget the other nurses stories of how some of them get off from work and go sit outside while its snowing and relax their muscles after a long, hard day. I just imagine myself looking over the hill top at the sky and doing the same thing. Year after year, these hopes never materialized until one day we bought a house with a Jacuzzi tub. It was Ecstasy - especially after a hard day of snow boarding. That didn't last long, as we sold the place in only a couple of years and I was hot tubless again. In fact, our current home for the past 8 years hasn't even had a bath tub. When I want to take a bath, I put a big plastic container in the shower (for real)....... Anyway, a hot tub always found its way into my fantasies.
Amazingly, one day, on a lark, my husband and I headed to the big city to check out a few ads from Craigslist. Namely, a four wheeler and hot tub. Here is my journal beginning with that day :
October 8th - Trip to Spokane. A seemingly "nice guy" sells me a hot tub out of the back of his truck. I talk him down to $150 feeling like a rather smooth dealer. He leaps under his truck to catch a frog shocking us all........ On the way home, we pick up a "starter kit" for swimming pools and hot tubs from Wal mart $25. I keep eyeing my hot tub out the rear view mirror feeling like it is almost too good to be true......
October 9th - I Look out the window at the hot tub in the back of our trailer.
October 10th - Super Catman's Party. I Look out the window at the hot tub in the back of our trailer. One of our friends suggests we invite him over when its all hooked up "so he can pee in it".
October 11th - My husband gets the hot tub out of the back of our trailer ingeniously. I clean it out thoroughly. Amazingly, he puts industrial wheels on it so he can push it in the basement using man power and a 4-wheeler. I get excited and begin looking around for my swimming suit. Then he explains that it will not be ready to use yet. He fills it with water cautiously. It doesn't leak!! Hooray!!
October 11th - Continued : He begins taking the side paneling off. Suddenly hordes of Hornets, Bees, Stink Bugs, and other unidentifiable creepy crawlies begin emerging! My husband assigns I and a couple other kids the job of killing the insects before they fully awaken. He removes several nests from the deep dark tubey places.......... Eeewww!!!
October 12th - I Look in the basement at the hot tub filled with water. We stop at the store for hot tub parts, but miss closing time by 15 minutes!
October 13th - I Look in the basement at the hot tub filled with water.
October 14th - I Look in the basement at the hot tub filled with water.
October 15th - My husband does some work on the hot tub. I begin eyeing my swimming suit. He comes up to announce that it needs a new heater, air blower, and filter. We notice on line that the hot tub parts cost more than the hot tub did. I begin to wonder if that "Nice Guy" was just using it as a home for his pet frog. I decide to begin documenting progress in an attempt to laugh rather than cry :-) Stay tuned to read about the exciting conclusion.........
October 16th - I am guessing I will be looking in the basement at the hot tub filled with water - lol!! At least the 4-wheeler runs ;-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Merry Miner Men, Boy's Birthday Bash and Big Bear

Super Catman "Catches Some Air"

Archer Helps Out "Bellenstein Bunny" - Aren't her training wheels cute?

See The Hill Archer Climbed and Crashed on ?!?

Sock Fashion Expert Tries Out Her Big Bro's Ride

A Happy Birthday Boy

" Octopus with Seaweed" for dinner

Then Cake and Ice CreamArt Dog Bagged this Bear Last Week - it was deep in the mountains feeding on a big ol' Buck!

It was an interesting way to watch a significant piece of history happen, working at the hospital, as every eye was on the rescue of miners in Chile. Each room, every television, all hearts were with them. Whether it was a few employees observing a clip from the waiting room t.v., or patients and families gathered together in private rooms, the world celebrated with tears of joy as each man cheated death. Being up all night working, I got to hear continual updates both from all the televisions, patients and co-workers. It was a day to remember and worthy of the world's celebration. That morning, I made sure my kids would research the event and write about it as part of their lesson plan.............
Here's a little about Super Catman's "motorcycle birthday party" from Sunday -
I shouldn't be up at 1am blogging, but I am. To tell you the truth, I've kind of missed these impromptu meetings. You know, the kind where I feel my creative energies stirring, and I can actually gain access to the lap top without something else vying for my attention.
Today was Super Catman's "Motorcycle Birthday Party". It was a full day including church in the morning, motorcycle riding with friends in the afternoon and a dinner party of "Octopus on Seaweed" followed by cake and ice cream for dessert. I hope it was everything Super Catman hoped for and more :-)
He'd been planning on the riding party for a while, and didn't want to let "the girls" show him up, namely Elasta Woman's elder two. The kids enjoyed a wild day tooling around the nearby gravel pit. It was quite a sight. All of my kids, except for Moonbeam, Elasta Woman's, Our husbands all driving around climbing hills, doing jumps and trying out each others rides. Every where you looked somebody was doing some thing to watch. Of course Super Catman took center stage with his jumps and rightfully so. He wanted to make sure I saw him each time too. Elasta Woman's girls were pretty impressive as well. They sported their new rides proudly. "Bellenstein Bunny's" ride had training wheels on it making it especially cute to watch. "The Archer" and "Matthew" climbed a huge hill scaring us all. When Archer got to the top he was going so fast that he and the motorcycle both flew up and flipped over tumbling in circles. Archer got up throwing his arms in the air to show everybody he was okay, but my heart was in my throat. Later on, he admitted to hurting his wrist which I wrapped. My husband was pretty happy with playing around on our new 4-wheeler too. On a lark, Friday, after looking on Craigs list, we took a trip to a faraway city and came home with it and a hot tub! The whole riding event was a lot of fun and I felt sure that God was blessing it especially - Nobody got any serious injuries, Nobody had any major break ups or downs, and it was supposed to be a 90% chance of rain which God was gracious enough to hold back on the down pour till we got home. As far as I'm concerned, I call that God Smiling :-)
Part of me felt a little bad about not inviting every local boy around - Super Catman would have loved them all there - but I don't think any of us could have handled the stress. It was a nice group and I enjoyed it more than I would have moderating a passel of rambunctious lads. So after the riding part of the day, just one other family came by for dinner. As previously learned, I cut hot dogs lengthwise 2/3 of the way up into 8 "tentacles". When boiled, the strips curled up and octopuses emerged. Then I added green food coloring to Top Ramon - wha la! Octopus on seaweed for each party going kiddo. The adults had chili dogs (tentacles not included). Sock Fashion Expert baked a scrumptious chocolate and peanut butter cake along with a white ice cream cake. It was all decadent and delicious.
The craziest part of the day happened at the gravel pit. All these years, nobody has ever once encouraged me to drive a motorcycle. Here we are with friends around and out of the blue Sock Fashion Expert INSISTS I climb on her ride! I panicked. "Would I do something stupid?" I told her I hadn't driven one since I was 21, but she wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Awkwardly, and ever so gingerly I climbed on. It died. Then I had to start it. I was beginning to draw a crowd. The pressure was really on. I could feel beads of sweat forming on my brow. Kick starting a motorcycle with all eyes on me felt like I was up in front of a class room attempting to solve an algebraic equation. Anyway, though I was sweating bullets, it eventually started and I took off heading as far away from any attention as I possibly could. Then it dawned on me that if I went too far away they would come looking for me. I tried to turn it around. It died. Oh Moan. I got it started again. Sure enough, a search party was coming to check on me. Embarrassing. Well, anyway, getting over how embarrassed I am of being a lame rider, driving it was actually kinda, well, fun.
Since I was totally out of my comfort zone today, I was thinking maybe some of you could tell me what new and crazy things you've tried lately. Come on, I have a lot more humiliating stories to tell - throw me a bone ;-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Lambzilla" The Movie!

The Kids Put on a "Home Sci Fi" Movie with Nana and Papa. Here is "Lambzilla"! Along with some of the other movie characters.............

As you can see Mom and Dad really got into their characters and had fun with the kids ;-)

We went on a lot of hikes together................

Mom and Dad left headed home just a little over a week ago. It was such a fun visit! Since then, I've been caught up in a plethora of activities including work, a wedding, home school, continuing education, kids, canning, a big ol' birthday bash, a trip to the big city, etc. etc.
I took a rare moment out in the kayak on the river today just to enjoy the beautiful day. A carpet of leaves crunched beneath my shoes as I drug her across our neighbors yard to the river. The sun was shining and it was warm enough for shorts and a tank top (which is rare for this time of year). The water was crystal clear and reflected the ever towering trees along the banks. I had just 30 minutes before I had to get ready for my shift, but it was a serene window of escape that felt like eternity.
After that, I think I drove my husband batty wanting to leave early so he could get parts for my new toy but not being ready. Of course we missed the store we needed to get to by an obscure 15 minute window. How does he ever put up with it?! He has to leave early because I want him to, then I'm not ready. Its a much longer story but I will incriminate my self no further ;-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Give Away!

I love looking at furniture! This Ottoman Coffee Table caught my eye right away :-) There are many to chose from.....

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