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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Son's Grizzly Bear Encounter

Art Dog's Fort

Silly Miss Moona

Sock Fashion Expert checking out the progress, while she sips tea in her favorite cup...

On Monday (a week ago), it was a beautiful day. The mild weather accompanied by sunshine beckoned our children outdoors. A soft wind played through the trees and everything seemed alive and good. As we awaken from our winter slumber and find new life outdoors in Gods country, markedly, so do the other creatures. Namely, the bears awaken from their slumber, and they wander off in search of food sporting voracious appetites...........

On Monday, in another state, far from here, my mother saw something bad..... She felt a burden to pray...... She prayed for a certain child in the wilds of Montana, her own grandchild whom she dearly loved..........

On Monday, mom and dad felt it necessary to make a trip to the city. I put on a pretty dress and fixed my hair to have an outing with my dear husband. While we were frolicking without kids, shopping and even dining out at a restaurant I had long awaited eating at, our kids were finishing up their schoolwork at home. We had told them it would be okay to go outdoors as long as they said where they were going and when they would return. We have worked with them in establishing safety rules and they do always obey them.

On Monday, a certain boy screen named "Art Dog", after finishing his school work and chores excitedly headed out to one of his favorite shed finding places. The sunshine kissed his face and he felt glad for the freedom. He marched along the beautiful day in all his youthful glory..... Here is his account :

"I was walking along an old logging road, heading to a place where I was going to look for sheds. Suddenly I heard a "jump crash"! I put my hand on my pistol and I slowly walked up a couple of steps to see over the brush. I saw a gigantic brown head looking at me, with a shoulder hump behind it. It was only 20 yards away! First I thought it might be a cinnamon black bear, and then I thought "darn I didn't bring my bear tag or gun or orange". Then I saw how big it was and that it didn't look much like a black bear. So I slowly walked backwards loading my .22. Once I couldn't see it because it was behind the brush I heard it running. I hoped it wasn't running towards me. Then I heard it getting quieter so I knew it was running away. Then I realized I was shaking and I walked back home looking behind me every once in a while. The grizzly bear delayed my shed hunt. On the way back i thanked God I got to see a grizzly bear that close without getting eaten. "

On Monday, when I got the call, I thanked God for His marvelous protection. He is so good, and it isn't all He did this past week. He worked other miracles too. Yesterday, I talked to my mom on the phone and she and specifically asked "okay what happened to one of the kids this week?" Then she explained and so did i.........


Mamma has spoken said...

WOW scary! I wouldn't know what to do if I came upon a bear in the woods. Guess I would have been his dinner :o/

Momma Bug said...

I can't help but laugh as I marvel at the Lord's love and great work.
Just what did that fella's angel look like to a grizzly?

Some people face the occasional wild life, and many MANY people live next door to perverted men who would scar our children for life.
The amazing thing is that more people choose that risk (!)

Thanks Lord! For your protection:-)

Amber said...

Wow! So glad he is ok and in his words "not eaten".
Sounds like he has been very well trained and he knew what to do.

He now has a story to tell for years to come.

Glad all are ok.

blessedmom's simple home said...

I love the way God works! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story :-)

CMS Websites said...

beautiful your all pics and pretty look. cool posting for bear and nice location. thanks

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

Oh wow!!! Frightening!!!!! Glad he didn't get eaten too. That would of been rather bad. I am not afraid of many things but bears are one of those things I am terrified of...and crocodiles. We don't have either here where I live.
Glad he's okay!!!!!

Heather said...

That's an encouraging story! Thank God for His Holy Spirit & His protection.

P.S. Please tell Art Dog "this is serious!" Or you can sing it to him. :)

ahsan said...

so many thanks to dear lord who took such great care of him dear,

may always god keep you and family in his blessings