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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Watery Grave

More pics from "The Week Long Weekend"

The Archer was out doing something he loves to do - snorkeling for lures. The young man has an incredible nack for finding them. He knows every downed tree in the local waters and where to go after the weekend fishermen have been out. He smiled to himself as he walked down the trail to one of his favorite lakes. The warm August air kissed his shoulders and the sunshine made him feel hot and ready to dive into the crystal waters. As he rounded the last bend, he knew a presence with him. It was that all familiar friend who took care of him on his journeys........
That day, in particular would be etched in Archers mind FOREVER. It would be a fight between life and death and a bare flash of Gods saving grace in the midst of a watery grave. At first he wasn't finding much. Half an hour had elapsed and the more he swam around, the more frustrated he became. Finally, he some how awkwardly stumbled upon a deep deep snag. It was a "fiesta" of lures! Oh the excitement! Down down he dove grabbing up as many lures as he could. He was ecstatic! Up for a breath, and down again. On the last deep breath, he dove extra far down. He saw a Mepps far on the bottom. Soon he was grabbing up lures here and there back and forth. Finally, when he had run out of breath, he had to head back up to the surface. As he quickly swam up, something stopped him..... It was an invisible line! Back and forth he'd swam over and over entangling himself in all kinds of fishing line! He was tangled beyond hope. Fear struck the very core of his being when he realized that he couldn't break free. He was OUT OF AIR! Scenes flashed in his mind of his dead corpse down there with no one to ever know where he was. Why hadn't he brought a pocket knife?! With one final desperate air deprived push, He once again tried to break free of the lines tying his arms and legs and claim the surface air he so desperately needed! He swam as hard as he could upward. On the last of many attempts.... seconds from a watery death..... he broke the lines that held him and emerged a very thankful but bloodied living man.
The story, retold last night, made me think about sin. That invisible fishing line is allot like the stronghold it can put on a person. Distracted, just like a fish, by the shiny treasures, my son swam all over entangling himself beyond hope. Little did he know how close he had brushed eternity. One little shiny lure, beyond grasp, another - soon you are entangled and out of air. Surely no one would purposely die for a mere lure... or would they? Thank God that He is faithful to deliver those bound by the forces of evil. If you find yourself looking up from your own watery grave, led blindly into death's clutches by some shiny lure, perhaps it is time to find the inner strength of the Life and Breath Giver..........

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blessedmom's simple home said...

I'm so sorry your son had to go through this, but I love the way you brought it back to God!
I'm glad he's okay too :)