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Friday, August 5, 2011

Squatters, Mutant Turkeys and MisAdventures!!

Art Dog was smiling when we stopped at this creek, but when he went to change into his dry clothes, he wasn't smiling for long!! He got chased by a big hive of bees!
Miss Moona in the Morning...

Our camp site on the Moyie

Super Catman contemplates his morning business...

A friend from North Idaho


I didn't mind being stranded HERE

The boys also found ways to occupy themselves ;-)

The Wild Turkey... gone mad!!

Camping at the creek bed...

The Archer with our North Idaho friends baby....

Kayaking Koocanusa Cliff Diving Expedition

There was this one particular road my co-workers said to "never go on". Of course my husband had to drive that road first - lol!! Here is the only scary hillbilly man we found out there.

Miss Moona and I.... waiting while the men are out exploring

Mist and her little guy at the House warming with a friend...

Our Surprise Housewarming Party....

It was another one of those weekends that never stop. Last Thursday I hostessed a "Surprise House Warming" for one of my girlfriends who just moved up here. It was a ton of fun. The Sock Fashion Expert made a decadent, dense multi layer huckleberry chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. It was AMAZING! A bunch of us ladies sat around her new lawn in the sunshine....

After that, I raced to the lake to meet up with some more girl friends. Sitting there in the sunshine, we basked together. Mist wasn't there, but she had seen the day before and what she saw.... happened. Angels raced across the sky for a chance encounter that would change things maybe...forever.......

On Friday, we spent the day at Koocanusa with a bunch of our friends and their friends. It was crazy fun. Some of the group took off in kayaks to a hidden water fall and did some cliff jumping. Me, well ,I just layed around the lake with the girls and kids and swam the near by bay. Afterward it was out for ice cream at an Amish Community and then they ALL came for a GIGANTIC dinner of spaghetti. Super Fun!!

The weekend elapsed like Mist. While sitting in a friends yard in North Idaho watching him grill burgers, and his wife and kids pick gigantic berries, it occurred to him maybe he wanted to live in this fertile valley. "Honey" he said, "lets camp in North Idaho"! With that we were all packing up again for another BIG ADVENTURE.

On the first night of the trip, we camped along a sandy creek bed. The meadows were rolling and huckleberries were all over. The Sock Fashion Expert took off on an exploring walk. A drunk lady stumbled out of her country cottage and asked her if she was lost. She said "no", the lady said "well good, because she came out to tell her that she couldn't have a ride." We all laughed about the story.

Not far from that spot, as we were driving away, suddenly we heard a loud falling sound at the bottom of the Tundra. I ushered the kids into the near by meadow in search of huckleberries while my husband assessed the damage. Turns out we got a lot more than bargained for. As we picked big handfuls of beautiful purple berries, a wild eyed turkey jumped up in the middle of us and started gobbling up a storm!! It ran around us madly as if it was all sketched out on some illegal substance. We tried backing away, thinking there was a nest, but it didn't seem to care where we were. It was too close. My husband discovered a broken strut on the truck (ugh)! He decided the safest thing was to dump us off some where take the truck home. That seemed eerie and creepy. I didn't want to stay with the mutant foul fowl.

In the end, I was EXTREMELY RELIEVED to be left at a camp site surrounded by unusual characters. Just kidding, the characters somewhat creeped me out, but the part I was relieved about was that we were left at john doe lake. After cooking lunch over a fire, the men left us to lounge around the lake all day. I was all about that ;-)

My husband discovered our Suburban also had a big problem too. In the end he picked us up in his dads old truck. It makes sounds like a loud sub woofer so people around us (including me) think somebodies listening to loud car music but really its just the truck. The Archer drove the kids in the Corolla. What an adventure!! That night we camped up high on a mountain over looking a game preserve. Big Black Raspberries could be found as well as large game crossing up to the mountain. In the morning Archer found himself just feet from a moose!!

The next day we ended up camping along the Moyie River. It was so beautiful. The first spot that I really really wanted to go needed a 4wd so we couldn't go there, but I am determined to go there sometime soon. Its amazing!! After that we found a nice river spot except for the ominous suv stuffed full of dogs near by. We assumed it was squatters and that made us all Leary. Darkness was falling and so we didn't want to move on. After enjoying the river and setting up camp the SQUATTERS came to visit!! I stopped cooking the burgers and gawked at the scary couple who emerged from the forest......... Just kidding. They were really nice squatter people. They seemed a big rough with some scars and tattoos and such, but were otherwise decent acting. They have 4 dogs and hadn't been able to find a place to rent because of that so they decided to just live in the woods until something "comes up". They were so nice, in fact, that I kept thinking of this horror movie I'd recently seen about a "nice couple" gone mad. I wanted to bring them some of our left over burgers, but the burgers were consumed. In the morning we moved on, though we saw the squatters at the grocery store. No I didn't take any pictures of them :-) All in all, the trip was incredible fun and a lot of driving around looking at property. Who knows what the future will hold?


baili said...

wow thanks for amazing sharing again dear,love the all pics but sfe has an effect of painting
god bless

Amber said...

Always an adventure reading your blog. I think I need to come visit you up there. Everywhere you blog about sounds absolutely amazing. I want a mountain home and have been trying to convert my city man into a mountain man. So far no luck, but I'll keep working on it. Until then I'm going to keep reading about your adventures and imagine that it is I who is enjoying those great places!

Have a great week.
( we do get to go camping this week) yeah!!!

Sarah Robinson said...

lovely life you have. loved the wee little bow and arrow and that cute little girl in her skirt! adorable. :)

Becky said...

What an amazing summer you have had. Its like being a kid and going out to play all day. Your summer definitely has been filled with HIS glory.

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