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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Attack of The Mutant Crazy Horror Movie Infestations

Miss Virtuous doing her thang.....

Our Friend and her baby (I still have to give her a blog name)....

Their Family

Goat Girl's Foster Son with the clay cow he made

Goat Girl and her foster boyz

Me and Miss Moona

Playing by the campfire....

Goat girl and Hubby

The boyz having crazy fun - not a flame thrower ;-) Its a sappy stick...

Miss Moonbeam succumbed.....

Art dog with Goat girls #2 Foster son

The Archer finds a pair of $230 Italian Sunglasses snorkeling - the boys are impressed!

Taking Miss Moonbeam on a walk

The Moonbeamer!

Friend with son...

Giving Rides...

Archer with his designer snorkeling find! Isn't he handsome ?!

Me and the girlz

Three Too Cool Here For this Picture!!

Sherlock is giving our pup some lessons in "fetch"

The Archer loves our pooch :-)

My girls in the boat...

Me and my pup!

It was a day I had looked forward to with MUCH anticipation. Having worked most of the week, and working a 12 hour night shift, getting off the morning of the big day, I was EXHAUSTED and ready for sand, sun and water. We had arranged to meet with a bunch of our friends and play in the sand and water together. It was the kind of thing dreams are made of.... except a growing frustration began to overtake me. I was jam packed in the Tundra, with puppy on my lap. Miss Moonbeam was stuffed in her seat next to me. "Stuff" was jammed around us and I could barely breathe it was so warm and stuffy. The beautiful waters were out there awaiting me, but my husband kept looking for the "right place" to camp along them. He loves 4wding and exploring. I was tired, nauseated and I had to go pee.....

We had left the boys with the boat at the boat access in order that my dear husband could "scout". Just when I thought I may get teary, he drove onto the perfect oasis of a place. A giant secluded sandbar in a remote bay. It was perfect. Our friends would gasp at its beauty and vastness. My husband was proud of it. Then we got out. I was supposed to make some quick sandwiches so he could get the boat. I noticed a few yellow jacket type bee things. Then a few more. Gingerly, I opened the bread on the coolers and set up an assembly line of sandwiches along with lovely deli turkey and bread. The rest of the family unloaded THE ENTIRE back of the truck of gear. Suddenly, it happened! Scary music please. REALLY SCARY MUSIC!

Bees flew out of no where. They surrounded me. They started landing on the meat, the cheese, the bread. They crawled on the sandwiches. They were everywhere. As fast as I swatted them off, they jumped back on. Stuff was falling off the coolers, the beautiful expensive pound of meat was getting ruined! One stung me! It burned bad! I rushed into the lake to cool it off. When I got back they had TAKEN OVER the sandwiches. Hurriedly, I tried to stuff them together to hide in the car. Another one stung me! I was just sure that some of the horrid creatures were in between the bread slices and somebody would eat one! As I carried them to the truck they swarmed around me angrily!! I lost it..... My husband was getting ready to drive away and leave us all here! I got hysterical. He got mad. The bees kept circling. The kids were afraid. It was awful. Me, the fearless emergency department nurse and mother of 5 had a melt down right there. No sleep for 34 hours, caffeine with drawl, I don't know. All I know is that I wasn't going to be left here to be stung again. I couldn't even protect the kids. How could anybody possibly cook anything here let alone eat? This beautiful, picturesque place had quickly evolved into TERROR and CHAOS! It was hard to imagine that just a few weeks before these settings were pure heaven for me.....

My husband loaded everything back in, quite annoyed. He took us to another place. He had to drive a crazy 4wd route to get there. I read my Bible trying to pull myself to some semblance of sanity. The Sock Fashion Expert was melting fast. The boys were waiting.... Nothing seemed good. When at last he dropped us off, we hauled EVERYTHING again, out of the back of the truck. We saw a few bees. They milled around. One stung Moonbeam! I could feel myself losing it again. My husband left quickly. The Sock Fashion Expert wilted. She sat out in the water trying to avoid bees with a forlorn look on her face, head between her knees. Would there be any hope for a good weekend with this dire crisis? Read on and see.....

I can't say everything got better instantly. I was tired.... very tired. I couldn't keep functioning without some kind of rest. Bees still flew around, but they were not as bad. We were afraid to eat, but did it quickly. A few came around, but they didn't swarm us. I tried to keep it together. After a swim and rest in the sand, and a beverage, my mood improved significantly. Still, it took the better part of the nice day just to find the spot. That night, my husband wouldn't let puppy in our tent. I wanted to cry again. He left the door open and she ended up sneaking in and sleeping on our feet anyway.

The next morning, early, we zipped puppy out. She proceed to make her own entry by ripping a hole by our heads. Her head popped in. We yelled. She ran away. Five minutes her little head popped in through the hole. Cute as it was, she got her nose smacked. Away she ran again. Things improved. My husband didn't say much about the incident as I feared he would.

That morning was beautiful. My husband decided to move us down the beach 1/4 mile to where there was vehicle access for our friends who were coming. I ran along the beach barefoot with puppy following. It was idyllic. My husband drove the boat along with all our stuff piled in.

Sure enough, there was yellow jacket sign all along the beach. Sock Fashion Expert was concerned. This time,I felt peace. I had read a chapter out of the Bible that morning, and I felt ready to trust God again. My husband said "this is so frustrating - these beautiful places and they just ruin it". Finally, I didn't think he was mad at me about it all. It was the bees, not each other. After unloading stuff, I rested. My husband and the boys went on a killing rampage full of carnage and death. In the wake, scads of yellow jackets lay dead for probably 1/8 of a mile. When I made lunch a few came, but I remained calm. When my husband left to get the truck and meet our friends, my boys went all out making Yellow Jacket traps out of plastic bottles. I had placed a 1 cent bounty on each body. I slept and lounged in the sand and played in the water all day and the Yellow Jackets became few and far between. The power of God and THE FULL FORCE of my family had overcome them. Everything would be okay.

That day turned into the greatest day ever. As friends started showing up, they all were awed by the beauty of the remote sandy cove. Nobody minded that it took some crazy 4wding to get there. Children played. Kids who had never camped before got to camp for the first time ever in this beautiful paradise of powdery sand, sun and water. My friend, Goat Girl, put on some swim stuff I gave her and she looked so beautiful in it. She came alive and played in the water and clay a good long time. It was like God was smiling on us all over again. The horror of the bees had past and everything was happy again. That night we spent a long time around the campfire. Sock Fashion Expert and another friend played guitar and sang worship songs. It was idyllic. The boys ran around with flaming sticks as if they were "Lord of the Flies" or something, uh..not. They built a campfire of their own and I can't say I have ever seen some of those kids have so much fun. I felt so happy to be able to give them this beautiful place to play. The day was beautiful. The sun, the sand and water was simply intoxicating. My husband even conceded and let puppy sleep in our tent ;-)
It kind of makes me think of how many people start out doing something and quit because there is a lot of adversity. Had we never perservered, we'd have never enjoyed the fruit of such a beautiful place. It wasn't just for my family. Our friends benefitted too. Especially the little boys who'd never gone camping or for a boat ride. It was extra special for them, a memory they can always cherish. Don't let fear or adversity ever dictate your path. Plow through it and send those Mutant Crazy Horror Movie Infestations back to kingdom come ;-)

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