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Monday, April 30, 2012

Fitting In and Moving In

The Living Room is coming along...

Boy and His Dog....

The Most Beautiful Lake in North Idaho (of course the one we live by ;-)

 Miss Moonbeam "works on her stroller"

 Elasta Woman and I had a little TOO much fun the other day at the playground ;-)

 The Oldest Kids Exploring North Idaho Adventure!!

Quilt My Husbands Grandmother Made

    I am BARELY keeping up with all the adventures we've been having!  This week alone has waaay too many stories to tell.  Well I will give you just a few quick updates :
- A guy who drove the same truck model as my husband and was wearing the same attire (jeans and a green flannel shirt) drove up to our old house on Saturday.  He was quiet and soft spoken just like my husband.  We showed him our house in the Yaak which he is considering buying.........  Its a crazy upside down cool story which I will tell if it all pans out!!
 - I broke the bath tub.  Yes,  I broke the bath tub!!  After 11 years of bathing in a big plastic container, and ONE MONTH with a tub wouldn't you know I would do something so crazy?  See my husband keeps saying "same habits same results" trying to show us that we will have a dumpy hillbilly house if we don't establish some cleanliness and order (lol)!  So anyhow, EVERYONE is doubled up on chores.  Raking, washing, organizing, etc.  Well wouldn't you know I was trying to reach the window above the bathtub to clean.  I stood on the ledge of the tub but I wasn't tall enough... so.... I put a chair in the tub (whoops)!  It busted a hole in the fiberglass. Oh and whoa.....  The other thing big silly thing I did was :
 - I accidentally put UFO marks on the grass.  Yep.  Well heres what happened : I had the kids raking up those big long pine needles out of the yard like a drill Sergeant.  There were so many big heaping piles I didn't know what to do.  Finally I said with a gleam in my eye "burn em!"  Well again, my dear husband got home and informed me that I had destroyed the grass layer under the burned places.  Here I was sooo excited to have a REAL LAWN and now I've up and put UFO marks in it.  Its like I possess this path of destruction to nice and normal everywhere I go.....  Now thats all off my chest and hopefully somebody can laugh with me ;-)
 - My dear sweet husband drove hours AFTER WORK to pick me up the leather reclining couch I desperately needed off of Craigslist.  Wasn't that sweet?!?!  He's been doing many kind acts too numerous to mention and I am super THANKFUL!!
 - All our girls gang and even some boys are gearing up for Bloomsday!
 - The neighborhood bought the metal accessories for and spent an hour putting up the quilt my husband's grandma made.  Its another story, but all in all I'm thankful that I moved to an area with great neighbors!  Miss Moonbeam thinks its become customary that when she visits or otherwise sees some of them they should provide her with soda and various candies ;-)
 - Miss Libby also errantly thinks she can sneak over to the neighbors for treats, visits or attention at will though she gets a very stern reprimand ;-)
 - My husbands bosses wife (better known as Kim Possible one of my favorite cartoon characters) single handily made and coached me with a flower bed in front of the house, knowing I am a severely dysfunctional gardener.....
 - All in all, moving in here has been a good, funny, crazy experience.  I've met so many unique people and made a lot of new friends.  I am super excited for summer, exploring and all the days to come.  I love my beautiful grassy yard even if it has UFO marks in it.  I love hearing the creek as I sit up here on the balcony of my bedroom.  I love having this quaint cabin with brown cement floors and wooded interior.  I feel like a princess in a fairy tale (until I have to do the dishes ;-) ).  I love the new Kitchen Queen Wood Cook stove my husband bought me and I am using it allot.  Theres nothing like having a pot of soup simmering all day or a roast baking tender all night.  I just love it all.  Though I hear crazy stories about people shooting game in their underpants here, I'm not too alarmed.  I think we will all fit in just fine.......

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Mamma has spoken said...

Looks like things are going wonderful for you and your great move. Enjoy your blessings, they are great!