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Friday, July 13, 2012

Caught Up and CAUGHT!!

Bike Ride!

 4th of July Dance - little ones going strong at 12MN!
 Something RARE!
 Miss Moonbeam Cuts IN!!
Archer UNSUCCESSFULLY tries to get Super Catman to Dance with Rabbit
 The Guys - Camping
Us Girls
Mist, Baby and company

Miss Moonbeam

Fiery's Brother and wife

Mist, Firey and Baby Man

 My Family
 No place i'd rather be!
Birthday Girl! 4!
At the lake the other day

To be honest with you, I have written 2 or 3 blog stories, so i haven't completely abandoned blogging.  I just never posted them.  They just didn't have that good die a thousand deaths quality..  I've done a lot of good embarrassing things to blog about - threatened to mace my husband, cried because i had to pee so bad, you know, the usual.  BUT they all lacked something and after an hour or two of writing, I hated them too much to put them up.  Summer gets busy and its hard to process all my thoughts.  Then I hit rock bottom again and bingo, posts preform.  Its as if I need to be suffering somehow to make things really interesting.  Hence my latest  "CAUGHT!"
    I've never been known for being a good driver.  As a matter of fact, I come from a long line of bad driving.  BUT I've gotten away with it for the most part.  For every ticket I've ever had, I've been stopped at least 3-5x by a nice police officer who has mercy on me and lets me off.  For every near miss, well very few accidents.  Not so today.  Today was my day of reckoning.......  Violent music please......
    I'd been burning a lot of candles camping, swimming, working some 12 hr night shifts and my sleep was amuck.  I'd not slept and fell out of bed on any side but right.  Try as I might, sleep would not come to me last night.  When I woke up, I felt like I'd been hit in the head with a hammer and my coffee wasn't touching it.  After putting on yesterdays dress and plastic wrapping my eyeballs, I rushed out the door with coffee no 2.  I drove anxiously, as I was just barely making it to class on time.  Maybe it was being in a hurry, maybe its that my depth perception is a bit off with these new contacts, maybe its the lack of sleep, probably a combination of all, but right there, next to my work place, I drove right into the side of a moving flatbed trailer.  Oh the horror.  Here I was 2 minutes to my class starting and there I was standing over broken glass and my bumper on the ground!  The guy was nice, but I'd thrashed the tire on his company trailer.  I looked around wondering how many employees were going to see the....errrr... incident.  I gave the man my insurance info and he gave me his.  He looked more worried about my car.  I felt more worried about it causing a scene and everybody at work knowing.  He was REALLY a nice guy.  I was thankful.  There was nothing to do but drive the van around to an inconspicuous parking spot on the other side of my work place.  I picked up the biggest pieces of broken glass and plastic and hurriedly put it inside looking around hoping nobody was noticing.  The last thing I needed was everybody making a big deal about my stupidity.  Imagine me driving a minivan with the bumper literally being pushed along the pavement by the tires!  It was a bit er... noticeable!
   So I got to class and my imagination was going WILD!  The class was full of people I work with.  I had to remind myself that they didn't know on a regular basis.  I was quite sure that at any time I might get arrested and hauled away in handcuffs or fired for stupidity or both!  I couldn't focus a thing on the subject matter and I was SURE yes SURE the worst was going to happen.  I had to keep reasoning with myself and telling all that silly fear to "go"!!  Finally after an hour somebody came to tell me that the police were looking for my husband.  For some reason they thought it was him who did it.  I laughed and called them.  They wanted to see me - ugh.  I told them where I was.  They said they'd call back.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  My husband didn't yell.  He came and quietly started working on making the van drivable.  The policeman was nice and didn't issue me a ticket.  He said to call my insurance company and that it was all going to be okay.  Nobody but my teacher even knew I was outside talking to the police, though I was dying a thousand deaths imagining it so.  Half an hour after the policeman and my husband left, our whole class went outside to practice self defense moves.  The timing could have been ALOT WORSE!  Again, God had mercy on me.  My husband even took the object of horror with him and left me his truck and he took me out to eat later on.  All in all the fear and anticipation of what was going to happen was a lot worse than what really transpired - a simple fender bender.  The policeman kindly reminded me that "it could have been a lot worse."
   Still shaken, the lady at the bank tried to encourage me by saying "one time i drove over a curb".  Yeah, lady, whatever!  Then she  told me her husband was going away for 3 months.  That would have been worse.  Somebody else told me that their husband got fired from his job yesterday.  I need to be thankful for what I do have and what didn't happen.  Everyone is alive and okay except for my pride once again - selah.


Mamma has spoken said...

They are all right, there are things worse, and I could come up with a dozen of them. However, as I tell my sons, it's ok because you'll get through it and it will be something to laugh about later when it all calms down.
On the bright side: at lease it wasn't a cop car you hit ;o)

Mamma has spoken said...
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Hannah Avery said...

It looks like the dance was really fun! So good to catch up with your blog! I just read back several post! Blessings!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Loved the photos! I've been bad about blogging lately, but I enjoy keeping up with your beautiful family!