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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Virtuous Mom, injured and WOMAN ON FIRE!!

Injuries are no fun at all, namely, the ones that linger around and try to suck the life right out of you!! Namely this wrist thing I am dealing with. Its kind of like a big leach wrapped around my wrist sucking blood and bumping into things as I try to mind my own business in the pursuit of life and motherhood. In the spirit of relaxing, letting God and mother nature take his course, I have launched a full fledged plan to do nothing. I mean nothing. HELLO BLOG WORLD! I can tell that God has been dealing with my spiritual growth lately. Here are some examples of serious character flaws in me which He has begun to reveal : So yesterday, the boys were all gone backpacking, Saphira was off at her job as was the Hub. It was just me and Miss Moona. It SHOULD HAVE BEEN A DAY to relax and let my wrist heal. Instead, I found myself in a vortex of jobs which eventually reinjured the healing and painfully slowed progress. I woke up thinking "I can make a cheesecake with all this extra time". That turned into making 3 cheese cakes (because might as well have extra when it takes so long right?). On top of that I decided a lasagna which turned into 5 of them. I also decided it was a good day to send some to the elderly neighbor down the road. In all, the entire day was focused around "c'mon you can do this one next step", when it should of been "zzzzz" "oh i should read some healing scriptures" "oh ibuprofen time". In all, I discovered I was addicted to the feeling of accomplishment, and willing to sacrifice my own body for that feeling. Too much of my self worth dangles on a clean house and a good meal. The other rather, obtrusive character flaw, came during a really sucky week. My old girlfriend woke up to pray for me, saying something like "the devil is going to attack you". Here was my mentality by the end of that week ( I never published it because it ...uh... stunk ;-) : _______________________________________________________________ WOMAN ON FIRE!! In retrospect, catching on fire this morning REALLY wasn't the worst thing that could have happened to me, but more was just ANOTHER bit of fuel to the fire that already seemed to be consuming me. I had drug myself out of bed, stumbled down the stairs and I was trying to heat up the mess that somebody left on the cast iron pan yesterday in order to soften it up a bit. The tea kettle was doing its job on the other front burner (and not nearly fast enough, considering that coffee is of vital importance during this phase of the morning). I picked up the pan, that had to weigh a ton or more and headed to the garbage can with the spatula when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. The old ratty flannel I was wearing had somehow burst into flames. I threw the pan, and slid the jacket onto the floor, simultaneously stomping. In a flash, I was patting my head and hair hoping it wasn't on fire too. Strangely my hair was very hot, but not on fire. I examined the huge hole melted and burned in the sleeve of the jacket. Then I looked at my arm. The hair was burnt off, but there was no burns whatsoever. What are the odds of that? You catch on fire, hot enough to get your hair hot and burn off your arm hairs, light up the kitchen with the jacket you're wearing, but somehow avoid getting burned or engulfing your tresses? Bizarre. It sounded like it might make a good penetecostal praise report. Being that I'm a charasmatic, holy roller type on my good days, I decided to chok it up and give God the credit. Of course I'm not giving Him the credit for setting me on fire, that was my own doing, more the keeping me non charcoaled for another day. I think its silly when people say things like "God set me on fire to teach me a lesson". God did not set me on fire - got that? So, as I was saying, this was one of many shitty things that happened to me over the course of the last few days. Speaking of shit, do you ever have one of those days, maybe weeks, months or years when you just feel like your hairdo somehow is resembling a toilet seat? People just want to seek you out to relieve themselves. They say something like "Hey, toilet head, over here lady". You say "uh thats my hairdo, not a toilet seat", but they laugh cynically and climb aboard, leaving yet another stream of used toilet paper across your eyes with which to momentarily blind you. I tried changing my hairdo, but it only served to be mistaken for a urinal. So I've been feeling pretty shitty since they all decided to dump on me at once. It was like a pack of dogs on a hydrant. I ran, but in a day or two they all caught up and i became a revolving john. So as it were, the fire was just fuel per say. Been trying to shake it off, but this sort of thing is sticky. I took a few showers, but from time to time my attitude still stunk. In hindsight, I may have gotten a fb message from an old girlfriend saying that she woke up feeling the need to pray for me because things were coming. Foolishly, I thought it was the bedpan I was struck with the week before that had qualified. There seems to be no end in sight. Its like familiar people are hiding behind trees anxiously waiting with rolls of toilet paper in hand. I can see them now, legs crossed, fidgeting "why won't she just hurry up? doesn't she know i need to go?" I can see them thinking. Since this time, I've been disguising myself as a house plant. One person thought I needed fertilized though, and, well the results were pretty much the same. Being a shit magnet takes great finesse. You just seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, ALL of THE TIME. ____________________________________________________________________ So it was kind of funny, but there was a bad attitude in there :-) There would be character flaw no 2 shockingly revealed. Anyway, I DO have a lot of exciting and happy things to report. - The graduation of my beautiful Saphira - her party had 120 guests, was so special too!! My mom and dad came. The neighbor down the road shared beautiful flowers. - The engagement of my son the virtuous "Ali cat". We all love her like family already. It was a really reallly sweet story I hope to tell you all sometime :-) One month from today is the big day!! -Many many prayers answer, many troubles averted, many happy memories. When I look back on these days, hopefully i'll remember i got a temporary break from work and ENJOYED IT!! Hopefully I can say I made the most of the time I had off.........................


Becky said...

Oh what happy things have been happening in your journey as a Mom. You are blessed! So sorry that you met up with Mr. Fire...omg! So glad the Lord prevented you being seriously harmed. Don't worry about the attitude, the Lord will take care of that as you remain open to Him confessing all the way. Hate clean up...sigh...but it happen to all of us...a part of our spiritual walk with Him. Hang in there girl!

Momma Bug said...

Wowzers! Sounds like big happenings around there! I think we might need a date to catch up ~ I promise not to look at your hair ;-D
You need some refreshing, lady.
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