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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Bug Out Life

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"We're going to be Grandmas!!!"

On our Trip up to Ainsworth, BC

Looking back on my blogs makes me wonder who I am and where I've been for the past 9 months.  Its not something I can
really answer.  I guess stress does that for a person.  It makes them forced to look inside and see who they really are. 
Some days it seems like the demons I fight are unrelenting and I will never defeat them.  Other days seem like I have the
best life ever.  Such is humanity, and the wars we all must wage......
      Every time I read a fun novel, I get some new inspiration to keep writing and such has been the case with James
Wesley Rawles "Patriots", "Survivors" and "Expatriates".  I'm currently working on "Survivors" and sad to be on the last
one I haven't read.  Its challenged me in a whole new way and caused me to change the way I think just a little bit. 
"Always Enough" by Heidi Baker did that, as did "Dreaming with God" by Bill Johnson.  Books tend to give us new
perspective we didn't see before.  Anyhow, this series kind of opened my eyes to the fact that I have neglected some
important details of life.
   For years I have either led a Bible Study, prayer group, or heavily pushed someone else into leading one.  I regularly
initiate women into prayer and fasting.  At the same time, I never stop planning the next trip to the beach, hotspring, or
camping trip.  "Fun" never leaves my list of priorities.  I am always at war with calories and obesity, (though as late
Miss Belly Fat has been gaining ground).  I am always thinking about how I can be a better mother, better wife, better
friend.  All these things are good and important, but when it comes to thinking of the future and making any kind of
provision for it, I fail miserably.  I NEVER think about such things.  If my husband asks me to buy something extra, I
find the cheapest possible item so I have more money to spend on now.  Future things are just not in my line of thinking. 
Now, next week, perhaps next months fun activity.
   The beauty of the books was that they were not just an adventure, or entertainment.  They forced me to put life into a
different perspective.  Regardless of what a person has now, or thinks will happen, there is no way anyone can really know
for sure.  Is it really so out of line to want to keep extra food on hand?  Of course not.  Is our dollar really reliable?
 No.  So investing in precious medals is prudent - right?  What about knowing how to shoot?  Honestly, target practice is
never on my favorite list of things to do, but protecting my kids is right?  All these things tucked away at the corner of
my mind gets forced out there in front and makes me see, theres this place I have refused to go that really needs visited.
   Prepper type people are out of my comfort zone.  Talking about such things is waaaayyy out of my comfort zone.  I am a
fun loving girl who thinks she is a little bit tough.  I'm proud of taking down a buck, doing a long run or backpacking
into the wild for days.  I have this false illusion that because I can do these things, and a lot of other people can't,
I'm okay.  So I have this girlfriend, now, who carries a "bug out bag" with her everywhere she goes.  That is waaaayyy out
of my thinking.  It makes me kind of uncomfortable.  Is there really need to carry a bugout bag all over the place?  Who
cares.  The point is that I judge things like that because they are uncomfortable to my train of thinking.  Is she hurting
anybody or herself?  What if she spills coffee on herself while she's driving?  Well I guess she'll have some clean
clothes along.  What if her car breaks down and she has to walk, or gets caught in a snow storm?  Well, I guess she'll
have food enough to be comfortable.  What if there is an economical collapse and she has to fight her way home?  Well,
she's prepared and I'm not.  These kind of people, these kind of books, challenge me in a new way. 
   What really creeps me out is that so many people seem to be quietly preparing for something.  I laughed and made fun of
the Y2K thing.  People then were bold about doom and gloom.  They acted like they "knew better" than others and it made
them kind of comical to me.  Now days, every where I turn, I am faced with quiet people readying themselves for hard times
ahead.  None of them say much.  Maybe they are tired of being ridiculed, or maybe they are a little bit paranoid.  Entire
denominations seem to be "preparing".  A person can't look around and not be a little bit creeped out wondering "Is there
something I'm missing here?"



Momma Bug said...

Mmm... Good stuff. That's an awful lot to think about.

I sure look forward to visiting one of these days in person.

Hugs to your friend~


Becky said...

I never heard of a "bug out bag" until this post. I have seen on TV, preachers talking about survival. Do people really know what they are getting ready for? Besides, is that really how the Lord wants us to prepare for His coming? I have walked long enough with the Lord to know that we don't always know what is up ahead and I couldn't have even prepared myself for what happened. The only prep that is vital is the prep of the heart...a relationship with Him. It is vital to getting through anything. His word in my heart, His spirit...its my survival kit.