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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Alot of Big Changes


We have a lot of changes going on..... I guess things are always changing, but its kind of like God has taken us into a big cocoon and something really really different is developing under a web of nothingness. It all started a few years ago, finally coming out of the Yaak. I was so very happy to have finally arrived in civilization again! My husband had a good job with a lot of promise. We bought a beautiful home only 15 miles from town. I could buzz in for milk or zumba or whatever. It was so much fun!! The novelty of going to the store never wore off for me. I shopped all the good sales for groceries and thrift attire and had a real blast doing it!! Meanwhile Hubbys job continued to prosper and his welding business at home exploded. He was busy all the time, away from his beloved wilderness and he was not happy at all about that. Less time camping, less time with kids, less time available for anything seemed to be a continual burden to him and he was not shy about telling me this on a regular basis. All the while, I lived dreamily enjoying my house, friends and convenience trying not to dwell too much on my husbands discontentment. The family had worked hard on a garden for me and I was also very content just spending time in there too!! Everything felt like a dream to me except for my grumpy man.

Only 2 years had gone by and my husband gave me an ultimatum that he was going to the Yaak, PERIOD. I threatened not to go, spent many many days bawling and squalling about it, but in the end, God said that I had to go too. Just when we were packing up stuff anticipating a move back, the house went into a pending sale. Hubby didn't want any debt, so he had had me put both places up for sale. Through a serious of complicated and miraculous occurrences, 2 big homeschooling families have taken up contracts for both our properties. Crazy as it seems, come next month, we're going to be homeless. I have no idea what will become of us. Part of me is really excited about the adventure. The other part of me is terrified of what could happen. Of course those are all horrid scenarios that play out in the movie theatre of my mind.

To complicate that even further (and add to the big surprise blessing), our eldest 2 children Saphira and Archer have been accepted into an Associate RN Program in Minnesota. They, along with our Alicat and the new baby will be making the big move in August. It will be the end of our family as we know it. Its all good, but terrifying at the same time. I guess that's what life is all about..... new adventures, trusting God in all things and believing He has a plan in the midst of unknowns.........

From Yaak Adventures to North Idaho Adventures to who knows? I am looking forward to reading the next blog post so I can find out what happens next ;-)

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