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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Dreamy Yaak Summer

It was like stepping into a different dimension and everything changed. The day we pulled up here at our secret camping location, everything just felt "right". It didn't take long for our old friends to show up and pull us right back into our old life, or one like it anyway. Soon Gracie and Elasta Woman had the kids and I out scouring the sides of a mountain for huckleberries. We got up in the dark, at an unGodly hour and made our way up the long winding roads into berry paradise. This was the best year Yaak has seen for huckleberries in years, and my freezer was soon overloaded beyond capacity. We'd get back exhausted and purple with muscles aching and then head out to play in the nearby lake or river with our kids in tow.

We met for devotions, as they affectionately joked "at my place" and we were all so overjoyed to see our Goatgirl, now with child. In all the years we'd done devotions, we'd prayed earnestly for God to giver her a miracle. Here we were coming back at such a strange time that she would be finally seeing her miracle. She asked me to be there for her special day this coming January. As we prayed together for the community and for our needs, we felt energized with Gods presence. There was so much expectation, and the campsite burned with hope in Gods promises. Just a few days later Elasta woman was up on a mountain with her kids, alone with a flat tire. After jacking it up and removing the lug nuts, she couldn't budge the tire. She cried out to God frustrated after many many attempts. Her little girl leaned against the car to pray. Suddenly the jack slipped, the car fell and the tire popped off......................

We pursued our 5th attempt at buying a property in the Yaak. This was done in a very unusual and unconventional manner. Our realtor lady lives up by Elasta Woman. Every evening she and her husband go to the tavern, have a few beers and mingle. On the way up and sometimes back she brings us news of whats going on with whatever property we are currently working on. Since we don't have a phone, its convenient that she drives by daily. Our last papers were signed at the bar and our last news came from her as we were walking across the river. One of the kids yelled she was there and we came back soaking wet to hear what she had to say. Anyway, back to the current property we're trying to buy. Its the one I had really really not wanted, but one my husband liked. Its also our best current hope for starting a business because its along the main way in and out of Yaak. My husband plans to put up a mechanics shop on one of the parcels and a house to sell at a later date on the other. It will be a busy busy fall of building if it all goes through. Right now there is just an old cabin up on one of the spots. Giving up my 2 beautiful houses with the only structure existent at the time is an old cabin was really really hard on my train of thought, but I am confident in Matthews skills in house building. I know I won't be disappointed with him on the job. Nobody has his skill and creativity. My husband and boys are excited to learn as well.

The past weeks have been so dreamy with river floats, playing with friends, sunshine and water. Its like a happy dream mixing the past and the future in an endless summer bliss. I forget I'm 41 when I'm bikini clad jumping off the bridge with my kids and girlfriends into the deep deep river far below. I forget for a while about all the struggles and hardships and ghosts. Summer in Yaak is always endless and wonderful, but then winter comes. I'll miss my gigantic house up on the mountain, but I'll have a lot easier time getting in and out. I'll also be surrounded by my good friends and I know that God will make a way. For a long time I wanted what was convenient and easy for me - living close to town, being able to buy milk, etc., but I realize that a part of me died when I left. The beauty of the land and the depth of our friends could never ever be replaced. After devotions, I also realized that there is a power in us girls praying together unlike I've ever seen in any group I've ever been in. When we come together, God supernaturally moves and we see miracles. Its really not about me and what I want. Its about what God wants and about what He's doing. For whatever reason, He wants us here and I have to stop fighting it. Whatever hardships I have to endure are not to be compared with living my life outside Gods plan. So here I am in a motor home, bathing in cool river waters and living in the forest and its not as bad as I was afraid it would be. Its actually been a lot of fun once I got over myself.


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