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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Goat Girl's Baby and Gracie's New Job

Goat Girls Baby now - Baby Billy Goat with Miss Moonbeam:-)

Goat Girl's Miracle
I got to lend a helping hand
As you can see, she is soooo happy!!
Gracie Taking on the job!!
Taken through the window, we will have devotions here sometime this spring :-)
Where Gracie's Family will stay as Care Takers
The Spectacular and Legendary Estate
Here are some fun new pictures from when our beloved Goat Girl had her baby.  I got to be there with her most of the day.  It was a really special experience. 
Also our Gracie moved into a very legendary Estate in The Yaak.  She and her family will now be care takers for it.  Their boys are so excited to be there!!  Just walking through the old lodge, helping her clean was a really inspiring experience.  It spoke of many years gone by, rich in history and tales forgotton.  Super Catman helped the boys find a hidden room while Mist, Gracie and I cleaned cobwebs and gained tidbits of the mysteries the old place whispers.

Elasta Woman's girls are away with grandparents this week.  She and Matthew had a fun get away snowmobiling into hot springs in Canada. 
Goat Girl is getting her husband's grandbaby back this coming month.  He is a precious 2 year old who needs lots of love and stability.  We are all so excited to see him returning to her, as we know she's an awesome mama :-)
Mist just got back from a trip to California to see her little niece for the very first time!!
I've been extra blonde this week.  I started with a calamity of errors on Monday that seemed to never end.  I took Art Dog in to get his GED testing started.  The front desk girls looked at me like I was smoking wackie tabacci.  We finally figured out that they scheduled him in another city.  It was a crazy turn of events, but eventually they figured out a way to start his pre-testing for GED, which took the better part of the day.  Meanwhile I chased around Dr appts for Super Catman, and after hours upon hours discovered I could have treated him the same at home and with less headache.  I marched the kids into home school co-op to spend time with some friends only to realize that co-op was not till the next day.  Art Dog was loopy after hours of testing and he scared the crap out of me driving us home.  On and on I seemed to be blonder and blonder until I ended the day frying egg rolls at 8:00 that night for a very late dinner.
Last night, Miss Moonbeam and I had a serious talk.  We talked about how some kids do not live with both parents and how its very important for married people to spend special time together.  This talk was inspired by our pictures that were up on the bedroom wall from Hawaii.  As she snuggled with me in my tall log bed, she began silently crying.  I asked her why she was crying.  She told me she missed her husband Dr. Poopoo very much.  I was puzzled.  Since Dr. Poopoo is imaginary, I couldn't figure out why he was missing.  On and on she sobbed.  I began to wonder if there was some kind of imaginary separation or divorce going on, perhaps imaginary infidelity.  In the end, it turned out she was just missing the cardboard box that Art Dog had drawn for her.  I figure that's an easy fix ;-)


Momma Bug said...

It's so so so so wonderful to see your great adventures and that you've kept your sense of humor friend!
Can you come for a visit soon?

Missing you,

Saphara said...

Yay! So happy to see you are blogging again! I expect to read an account of your moose experience soon ;)