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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Irresponsibility - A Way of Life

Perhaps you've come to be the responsible one in life. You pay your bills, take care of your kids - you're an all around "good joe". Still, you feel a bit slighted at times when everybody is out having fun while you're doing the dishes. Well, have I got the plan for you! Mothers, Fathers, take note. A newer “Care free Mom” is the bomb!
Today, my son, Artdog, decided to take me fishing since he hadn't done anything "special" with me lately. Since he decided to take me fishing, I decided that he could be "the responsible one". I worked all night. Why should I always have to be the adult? The first thing I did was to invite Catman along. After all, the more the merrier!
Artdog spent an hour and a half getting ready. He got all the poles ready, packed tackle, searched for his fishing license, etc.. I fooled around on the computer, packing a girls magazine, a camera and other unnecessary items which would later get wet and serve no purpose at all. After an hour, I began to complain that I was getting bored. Artdog asked me to pack some water.
When it was finally time to go, Artdog gave me instructions on helping him move the canoe to the river. I complained saying it was "too hard". I wanted to drag it and he gave me a lecture about taking care of our personal possessions. Then we loaded into the canoe. Artdog was the lead paddler. I told Catman that he could be the other paddler. I sat in the back eating chocolate covered coffee beans and looking at my magazine.
When we arrived at our destination, I threw in a line and caught a fish right off the bat! I didn't want to touch it so Catman took it off the hook for me and Artdog put it on a stringer. Meanwhile, I fished some more. They spent a good deal of time maneuvering the canoe while I fished happily. As they were maneuvering around some brush, Catman's hook caught on my finger. While I was trying to keep it from sticking me, I dropped my own pole (or rather my borrowed husbands pole) into the river.
I didn't want to get wet so Artdog decided he would jump in after it. After having to wait a good 5-10 minutes to resume fishing, eventually Artdog handed it to me. He was cold and wet, but wanted to keep fishing. After a relaxing couple of hours (for me), we stopped on a bank and dug for worms. Then we started for home. I trolled the whole way while the boys paddled. Since I was trolling, I caught another fish - neato! What fun!
When we got to the floating dock, I couldn't wait to get pictures! I stuck the rope to the boat haphazardly on the side and began posing. Soon the canoe was floating down the river. This time Artdog told me that I had to take some responsibility for my actions. He made me jump in after it this time. He refused to pose for any photos until I retrieved the departing canoe. Pouting and sticking my tongue out, I jumped in the icy cold river!
After we got some cool photos together, Artdog told me I had to clean my fish. I said "gross, no way!" So Artdog said he would clean my fish for me. I raced home and took a hot shower while he was cleaning fish. Everybody was hungry and wanted dinner. Sock Fashion Expert had been watching Moonbeam for me. Instead of getting started on dinner right away, I found a bowl of half eaten homemade strawberry ice cream in the freezer. After drowning it in chocolate syrup, I selfishly indulged in it while every body waited for dinner. About that time, Artdog came in with my fish that he had cleaned. Seeing me eating ice cream, he decided to get his bowl out of the freezer. Oops! That was his bowl. He managed a smile and I promised him some vanilla from the fresh carton. Then I reminded him that he had to clean the bathroom for his chore that day. Later I felt a little bit guilty and let him get off without doing his daily chores. Its tough being the responsible one. That's why I recommend parents should practice irresponsibility regularly. Role reversal is highly underestimated.


Becky said...

Love the header picture of you and hubby. It is gorgeous! Enjoyed reading about your day with the boys. Glad you all had a nice time.

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous. I love your pics and your story!

Skygirl said...

I think being responsible is really hard work. I miss living at my parents house already when it comes to some areas anyways ;) I wish I could take time out to be irresponsible.

Blessings each day said...

This growing up business is tough...after three children and five grandchildren, I"m STILL not sure I'm ready!

blessings and hugs,


Prairie Chick said...

Awesome! Awesome sentiment, awesome pictures, and YOU look awesome girl! You inspire me!!! (so much so that I've taken up interval running) :P

Heather said...

You are hilarious!!!