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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Misadventures of a Visit with My True Friend Furry

My day was plagued with hardships and discombobbulations and so in an endeavor to debrief, I will share with you my perilous woes.........
Today I went shopping in town. I was supposed to have lunch with my good friend "Furry". Furry has been one of my closest friends for neigh unto 10 years. She grew up in a family of 9 children. Her parents lived without electricity or running water. He father worked odd jobs to support the family. Because of Furry's families socioeconomic status, she has been plagued with many injustices that get me awful riled up. Furry lives in a bright purple trailer in the middle of town. Her husband works odd jobs to support them. Some of his jobs include huckleberry and elderberry picking, woodcutting, and selling scrap metal. Because of this, you may see some scrap metal sitting out in the drive way next to the bright purple trailer. He's a good man and a hard worker. They have a little boy and a little girl. They are as happy and in love as any other young couple you could imagine.
Some of Furry's friends stuck up their noses at her trailer, her car and her husband's choice of occupation. Funny thing is, their husbands don't make any more than he does. In order to have nicer things than her, they plunged into deep debt. Since her husband did well with the Huckleberries this year, their bills are all paid in advance up to December. She's a stay at home mom, though she's been very busy cleaning the berries that her husband has been bringing in.
Almost every time my friend Furry's family visits a doctor or a hospital, they are treated poorly. Inevitably, some worker flat out insults them, refuses to give them information or treats them in a very demeaning manner. When she had her last baby, the nurse starting her IV did not use proper technique. When Furry questioned it, the nurse refused to even answer her. That's when Furry called me. With me there, it didn't take long before Furry was getting first class treatment.
Furry went to a larger city to have her baby. She felt she'd get better care there. The doctor detained her longer than she'd planned. Because of that, the hospital room she, her husband and little boy was staying in got dirty. The nurses didn't take out some of the old meal trays. They didn't have fresh laundry the last day or two until her sister came to wash it. For that reason alone, the hospital social worker arranged for "a home visit" referral. I'm not joking. When the social worker arrived, she was devastated. Though the "reason for concern" was eventually dismissed, the event was unforgettable.
Furry and I arranged to meet at McDonald's. I made the mistake of getting my kids free baby cones while we waited for her. By the time Furry and her two kids arrived, Moonbeam had made a big ice cream mess all over. A McDonald's Worker showed a furrowed brow in my direction. Furry helped me clean up the mess and we went up to order. Since she ordered her little boy a Happy Meal, I figured I was obligated to do the same for mine. We filled up ketchup cups and headed back for the table. Just as we arrived and set our trays on the table, I turned to get a high chair for Moonbeam. Some how, Cat man managed to dump our tray upside down on the floor! Ketchup was every where! I managed to salvage all of our food since it was all wrapped in something. The only casualties were that his happy meal box and all of our food wrappers were covered in ketchup. I could live with that. After grabbing a gazillion napkins and eating in an odd looking manner, we began to visit. The frowning worker returned to mop up ketchup splatters from here to kingdom come upon my crow eating request.
The kids were finally happy. We started to get into a good conversation. Suddenly two old ladies butted in. They were sitting right next to us. Of course they loved seeing the kids and wanted to talk all about them. Finally after we had finished eating and the women were sufficed, we got back to talking. Just then her baby fell off the chair she was holding onto and cut her lip. A slightly bloody baby, ketchup napkin mess every where, and would you believe the social worker happened to show up with a burger and fries a few tables away?! Well of course we had to leave.
We chatted a little on the stairs of Porgies, but Porgie gave us a threatening frown. He runs a tight ship and we were pretty sure he didn't want any loitering. So we decided to meet at her place after I ran some errands.
When I got there, I couldn't help being disappointed. Her mother in law had shown up for a surprise visit. This wasn't the first time we've tried to get together and she's gotten a surprise mother in law visit. There was no place to park but the alley. A mutual friends showed up to buy huckleberries.
I decided to run some more errands and we'd meet up later for coffee at the park. After hours of errands, and getting stuck in a long line, I made it to our much anticipated rendezvous about 20 minutes late. We grabbed some coffee and headed to the park for a stolen hour of bliss. No matter one of the kids tried to eat a cigarette butt. No matter that the babies fought over my sweaty socks. We really chewed up the fat! She vented about tales of drunken relatives, legal pot growing in laws, and other tales of woe. We laughed about my many misadventures. The little boys ran around and played happily together. When all was said and done, it was all worth it. I was sooooo relaxed. You see, Furry is a true friend. Friends like her are hard to come by. She'd do anything in her power to help me in any way she could. She's the kind of person you can always count on. Her loyalties run deep. Its good to make time for a good friend. I left feeling totally destressed.
Its a good thing too, because I had barely begun my grocery shopping afterward when I noticed a suspicious smell lurking around our cart. Moonbeam had somehow managed to blow out up to her shoulders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blessings each day said...

You come up with some cute 'screen' names for everyone. Furry sounds like such a nice person and it's heartening to know that you have such a great friend. It's wonderful that you were there to help her in those sad hospital scenes!

It's so much better to just laugh at mishaps and I actually feel sorry for people who make faces or act upset.

When my son was just a baby, he had the same diaper mishap except it went down both legs and we were in a nice mall snack shop! No fun, is it?

blessings and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Ugh to societies "standards"; one of my true friends has many struggles in her life, she is an amazing woman. What a blessing for you to have a friend like that!

One of our new mommas at church just experienced an on the go blowout, Sunday, the babe had just been placed in her seat, and they were just out of the driveway....when, it happened - Momma said, welp, you're waiting till church now babe! They live close, she is the best most calm new momma I've ever known.

Becky said...

I feel sort of like Furry. Where I live there are a lot multi-million dollar homes around us. The city I live in is considered to be a ghetto. We have had people judge us based on our zip code. To be honest I have wanted to move out of our city, but the Lord has not allowed that. I know why, it keeps me humble and that is a blessing.

Heather said...

I love hearing about Furry, specially because I know her a little! I'm glad you guys finally got a chance to visit!

I've learned that often people living in "poverty" are some of the richest in character. And we all have to continually go against what our culture says and value people for who they are, not what they have. And because YOU do this, you reap the blessing of a wonderful friendship with Furry!

Yay for you, sis.

Becky said...

Wanted to let you know you have a blog award waiting for you at The Little Blue Cottage.

Toni said...

what a fun crazy day. we have done the same thing at McDonalds ourselves before.

The purple trailer soudns cool, would love to visit her sometime:-)

We ae not in debt eithr my hubby works many hours for what we have and our neighbors adn family are nosy about how we can live and do what we do on his check alone, people are just so nosy. YOu think they would be happy and go on with thier own thing.

Glad you got your coffee and relaxing visit, All my kids have had those blow outs at teh worst place they can.

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

I am so glad you have Furry for a friend! And I am so glad she has you too. We live in such a cruel world. I can't wait till Jesus comes. He sees us with loving eyes. And he doesn't get wrapped up in all the outward things. Thanks for being like him ;)