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Friday, February 18, 2011

My Hero Husband

Little Willy with Super Catman and Art Dog

Recently some special girls visited our home along with their little brother. The Archer and Sock Fashion Expert took them on a long hike, snow boarding, baking cookies, and more.

Mist's Incredible Valentines Day Dinner - Green salad with honey mustard dressing, Artisan Bread, Shrimp in Vodka Sauce over Home Made Linguine.

Relaxing at Mist and Fiery's Home

Mist's Incredible Home Made Linguine Process

I wouldn't normally be blogging so soon again, but I couldn't help telling the crazy story that happened to me yesterday.
I was in the middle of doing two back to back 12 hour night shifts. I had just gotten off work scott free and was feeling pretty happy to be heading out the door so early. I sauntered out to our new 90's model Toyota Corolla. It was my first time driving it to work. My husband was rather proud of his purchase and had just given me permission to take it to work that day before. I unlocked the door, threw my back pack in and started her up. Next I looked around earnestly for something to remove the 2 inches of accumulated snow. All I could find was a plastic bag. I put it on my hand and arm, shut the door, and started wiping the thick snow layer off the windows. When I was finished, I opened the door to get in......NOT. Uhh... it wouldn't open. I looked at the lock sickly as my gut turned. The lock was up and all the others were down. I rattled the handle..... Nothing. Feeling panic begin to descend, I began shaking the door hard by ramming it with my hip......Nothing. "Oh God - Why Today?" I asked feeling desperate. "Its not even my fault" I fumed.
I took the cell phone out of my pocket and called my husband (who is an hour and a half away). He said "Good Morning" in the sweetest voice ever and my heart pitter pattered. I hated to tell him. I blurted it out. He didn't sound quite as sweet, but I could tell he was talking very restrained..... trying to figure out what could be done. In the end he said it wasn't going to get fixed over the phone and that he was coming but I could try other things if I wanted. Relief flooded over me. I just couldn't bear the thought of him being mad.
He was supposed to be going to another big city in the opposite direction to pick up our new washer and dryer hours away from this city. I offered to ride over there with him. He considered the matter. I was again, hopeful. Nothing could be better than spending the day alone in the truck with him all to myself (even if I had to sleep and work that night). I reasoned that it would be noisy at home, but not in the car. He bought it and told me to go take a shower. "Yeehaw!!" I walked back into the hospital rather embarrassed (but happy). Sheepishly I told my co-workers what had happened. A well meaning friend thought he could get the door open and I followed him back outside. He rattled the handle hard...... and ...... it broke off in his hand. Oops........ Secretly, I was still glad I was stuck ;-)
Another nurse told me to call a lock smith and gave me his personal home phone number. I called him. He said he would do it for $40. Again, I was a little bummed. Reluctantly, I called back my husband who said he would just come. "Yeehaw!!" "Doesn't it cost that much in gas for your husband to come?" somebody asked me. "He's a mechanic" I explained "He's also my hero". I like getting rescued by him. 3 other people asked me the same question. I started to get silly and giddy. "Tehehehe my husband is coming to rescue me". I kept thinking. It defied reason. I kept looking out the window.....waiting. I tried to occupy myself passing trays to patients. I took a shower. I caught up on blog posts. It was broad day light by now and the running car with head lights on was beginning to attract peoples attention. Finally when I thought I couldn't bear waiting for MY HERO any longer, somebody said "There he is!" Every one watched out the window, even the Doctor. They all wanted to see the Hero in action. Who could possibly turn the serious ER nurse into a silly, giddy girl with a grin as fat as Texas?
My hero and my son hero were out there working on the lock. I floated out across the parking lot proudly. The door was open before I got there. I knew it would be. There is nobody as capable as my husband. I took the broken door handle out of my pocket and placed it in the center console while my husband was momentarily turned. I gave my husband a kiss and thanked The Archer for coming. Then my husband asked me a serious question. "How did the door handle get inside the car?" I giggled. No, I didn't have a "Blond Star" moment and no I didn't do it on purpose. He teased me, or maybe flirted. I blushed.
Soon my other Hero, The Archer, had driven home with our new car and I was left ALONE with my husband for the entire day. I guess I'd just better stop there ;-) All I will say is that I was smiling when he returned me to the hospital 10 hours later ;0)


Mama Hen said...

Sounds like you turned some lemons into lemonade :)

Mamma has spoken said...

It's wonderful that after all these years, he can still turn you into butter.

"Indescribable" said...

ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Amber said...

It's great to have a hero to come and rescue you! Must be a great man, so happy for you! Too funny about the door handle.

Momma Bug said...

Mmmm... sounds quite nice :-)

baili said...

it happened to me either,when i was in bathroom having no one other in home and door was stuck due to rain.i got handle in my hands and my brain out of head.

so cute ,i want all rescues from my husband in up coming situations.
lovely sharing dear