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Friday, February 4, 2011

My Husband's Inner Red Neck AND GIVE AWAY WINNER!!

Just catching up on photos - SFE's lovely Birthday cake thats she made me

Our neighbor lady's husband made this marble game. She brought it over to share with our kids.

It didn't take him long to discover that this wasn't the kind of store he wanted to be in. As he walked by, people seemed to look somewhat different. He made his way into the bathroom. Just as he got there, a European looking man walked out. Brazenly, the man looked him up and down passionately. That was when he decided he would be waiting in the car..........

Me on the other hand, well, I was having a great time browsing the aisles of a gigantic organic "clean eating" store. As I made my way through the bins of grains, I eagerly scooped out bags of several different kinds.
A pretty, thin, woman with a shiny face, but dark eyes passed by me. She seemed a world away from me, yet here we were enjoying the same place. She had one child in her cart, which was an obvious product of a lot of care and doting. I looked at my kids. They were strong, slender and capable. Each one looked brilliant in a sea of dark faces. They weren't raised being doted upon, nor have they had the finest of arts and music, but passion burns in their eyes. Playing and working outdoors and eating well have helped sculpt their appearance. Though allot of their clothes are "second hand", they wear it well. I knew I didn't fit in with these people, but yet I some how embraced a part of their culture - the appreciation for good quality whole food. I decided not to let the strange vibes bother me. I had every right to be here and I was staking my claim to good eating for my clan.

That's about the time my husband found me, obviously uncomfortable. "This is NOT what I thought it would be." he said with obvious disappointment in his voice. "Did you find any big bags of grains?" I asked him. "No" he said. Then he looked at me and said "I feel like yelling out "I wear leather and hunt my meat!". That's when I knew I needed to begin power shopping. He elected to wait in the car while I finished. I began observing the people more closely. There was nothing they had to say or do to show what they were. They just were. I didn't care. I just am too. I decided to tread my common ground, boldly. I smiled and chose to enjoy what the store had to offer. I eyed some bulk bags at the check out and grabbed a 50 lb bag of organic oats.... knowing it would please my husband............

The rest of the trip was unique as well. Super Catman's Orthodontist wasn't mad at me, like I feared. Rather he was quite pleasant and personable. I had found a great deal on a motel room and so we elected to stay rather than drive the entire 5 /12 hours there and 5 1/2 hours back. That, in itself, was a huge relief to me. Though we didn't buy as much as we hoped to, The Sock Fashion Expert and I found racks and racks of $5 clothes at the mall. Walmart had $3 and $5 racks which was fun too. Some of the food items were 2/3 the price of what they are in the near by cities I shop at. I stocked up on all the great deals I could find.

When we got to the motel, I was awed by how nice it was. Even though it was the cheapest deal, they offered free amenities. Everything was clean. The clerk seemed pleasant. Even the bathroom was roomier than most I'd stayed in. Other than the creepy bar people, the rest of the place seemed formidable. I went in to check on pizza prices there, since it was adjoining and the bar tender and waitress seemed to ignore me. It was almost like I'd walked into some kind of Zombie Horror Flick. People stared, but that's all they did. I ended up ordering Papa Johns for the first time ever, and it was good. I had night mares and Miss Moona hogged the bed. When I got comfortable, I got worried and found her wedged, SLEEPING, between the bed and nightstand in mid air. After prying her out, and laying her back in bed, she just kept on sleeping....... Sheesh! The breakfast was also amazing. My husband, who had hoped to find a super cheap used mini van or econo car was disappointed after his search the next day. Still, he was glad to get back to our home far away. He would eat well, despite embracing his inner red neck ;-)


Mamma has spoken said...

That is one HUGE cake! I love your stories about when you go to the city.Especially when it involves sleeping in a motel.
Congrads to Sal! Enjoy your internet shopping trip!

DeanO said...

I wear leather and hunt meat. Awesome! and great birthday cake to boot

Christine said...

love this...yes, there are yuppies everywhere. lololol.
too funny. Good on you for not leaving. It can seem strange when you are there for bulk oats while others are there for brie.
your kids look fab and will be self reliant and know the value of a dollar, can't beat that. I too eat meat...but don't hunt because I live in a subdivision and that is generally frowned on, but I grew up in michigan and we were all hunters. blaze orange for the win. lol.

toytrkman said...

Well, I had just driven 5 hours, waited in the car for the appointment, and just wasn't in the mood to be looked upon in strange ways. And yes, I'm glad you purchased the oats!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Love the photos of you with your birthday cake :-)
I'm still amazed that you have so far to drive for the ortho. Our's is about 6 or 7 miles from here. We are just about to pay off our 4th set of braces. I think I have 2 more payments. Of course, we have 2 more that will probably need them. I'm hoping my kids will be smart and choose spouses with large pallets...then maybe their kids won't need braces :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!

"Indescribable" said...

Why do we feel inferior to others? I'd take 'red neck' over 'zombie' any day! (fun, exciting, alive vs. just living, but not really living.)

Your trip seems like an eye opener to me. I didn't want this to sound all philosophical.... BUT.... we just gotta be who we are and NOT measure ourselves to others.... that aren't even comparable.... oh that sounds judgmental...

Your cake and your little girl are so big!

Sal said...

I won! Yay! Thanks outdoor.mom!

Heather said...

Good for you for being confident in who you are! :)

baili said...

for me you are a supper woman dear,
recently when i was preparing for my exams i read in my economics book that the people who got less budget get more fun in shopping and trips according to the basic law of economics because we get joy from the things we more need or care about,

in my opinion our kids are more fine and practical ,focused and ambitious then the pampered ones ,

so glad you enjoyed your time out
have a wonderful new year .god bless

Becky said...

Happy Birthday!!! Beautiful cake! Love the story of your town trip. I remember times when my husband and I traveled and people knew we were from California just by looking at us. Don't know what tipped them off either. Sometimes were treated differently for that.