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Friday, November 11, 2011

Above The Clouds....

My Daughter Took This While Flying With Her Dad "Above The Clouds".....

Its funny how things seem to stay the same forever and then in an instant... they change!! Take for example my day. Last night I posted something similar to this as my status update on face book:

"a series of unfortunate events has befallen me A.) A dog puked up elk brains on my carpet. B.) My glasses frames were found mangled on the floor, some kind passerby placed the lenses on my dresser C.) My husband is looking at a non house looking structure today. D.) I started my diet. Sympathy is in order......"

Within minutes all kinds of people were commenting.... some offered sympathy (which embarrassed me) Why did I ask for sympathy anyway?!? I was just trying to vent and be funny at the same time. Somebody else was blaming the devil and praying for me. Another person questioned my intelligence that I would feed elk brains to a dog - lol!! I did not feed any dog elk brains. They just got into my sons mess as he was making a European mount of his trophy elk head. He said "mom it wasn't brains", but that didn't help matters. Dog puke is dog puke. Anyhoo, as I was saying, I was so embarrassed of my ridiculous status update that I went in and deleted it within the hour, mortified.

That night I dreamed that I was living in the non house looking structure. I walked through it. I looked into the wood chute and there was only a tiny space that was level. The rest was slanted for wood. I laughed wondering what The Archer would think of having that be his new room, though I knew he wouldn't complain. Next I walked through the falling apart kitchen and smiled. It felt peaceful. Onto my girls, asleep together in a big bed, in a dilapidated room that seemed to be rotting everywhere. Still it was peaceful to see them sleep. The boys room was worse yet, but they were peaceful. All our nice stuff was stuffed around this place that was rotting everywhere, but Gods presence was there. I woke up peaceful and almost laughed out loud. What a bizarre dream..... I remembered again that God promised to take care of me and that He wants to give me something nice and perfect for us. Again and again He whispers "LET ME DO THIS FOR YOU" softly as I wonder.

On to today. So I hurried through the day getting ready to leave for work so I could view another "super cheap" home. I stopped to take time to go for a walk with the kids. We headed over to the lake. We are dog sitting a friends Border Collie mix, so he and Miss Libby happily ran along with us. It was pure bliss to be out enjoying the day. I took time to read "Good and Evil" with Super Catman and help him with his school work. It was so fulfilling. Everything important got done.....

Then there I was trying to follow map quest directions to this house. I parked in the drive and jumped out. It had a big yard with lots of trees around it for privacy. Thick deer were in the field across it. I snapped a picture. As I walked through the yard a group of wild turkeys wandered off. Another picture. The house was old looking, but captured me with its uniqueness. A big monstrous structure, mysterious, alluring..... The more I walked the property the more I started to fall in love with it. This is dangerous, considering what my husband and I think about buying properties can be a vast difference in opinion. My heart sank.... I saw the river through the trees. I can't live without water. It somehow brings me home to peace. There it was. I looked back at the house. Oh this is bad, I shouldn't be falling so hard. Okay, I love this property. Its perfect, but what I want and what God wants are not always the same. I decide to sit and pray a while. Then my husband calls "come fly with me before dark".

Its a mad rush to the airport and in minutes we are circling this small city where it seems God is calling us for the time being. I am loudly praying because this is not my cup of tea. My husband and The Archer tell me that I am making them nervous - whoops! My husband decides to circle the property that I found. The plane jolts sideways and I feel like I'm gonna hurl. They are discussing what they are seeing. They circle again - barf-o-rama. I wish i could take a picture but I have all I can do to hold myself together from loudly praying ;-)

My husband notes my displeasure and circles back to the airport. The sunset is ahead of me - brilliant. The moon is just starting to rise from behind the far mountains. Suddenly the world is an amazing place and I don't want to land. I want to go back to see the property again..... but its too late. We're going to land and I can see the lighted runway. The nausea seems to be subsiding and I wonder why I was so distraught.

In days, weeks, hours I go from the idea of living in a "non house looking structure" to an amazing, mysterious, captivating estate that is just a "possibility" in a sea of many. Oh the ups and downs of house hunting. Better to remain fixed in Gods Presence than to yoyo with the possibilities of what "might be". What will happen to Yaak Adventures and the life I've known these 11 years? Best not to wonder, best to just buckle up and enjoy the ride "above the clouds"......


Mamma has spoken said...

EEWWW dog puke is gross. I should know, mine has done it so many times in the past two weeks, my house smells sour. Yes, I need to get my carpets clean to get rid of the smell soon.
Good luck on the house hunting it can be so fun and frustrating at the same time!

Momma Bug said...

Sounds wonderful! And I can't wait for you to live closer (closer is relative, right?). Yay yay YAY!

blessedmom's simple home said...

I've been reading over your recent posts and looking at all of your wonderful photos. Waiting on the Lord is a hard one isn't it? I'll be praying for you :)
So glad your hubby has a job he loves, and glad you're getting to have a date night once in awhile. We don't do it every week, but have definitely been trying to get a few of those worked into our lives. It's wonderful :)

Pink Lotus said...

great Posting

Music Masti said...

Wonderful posting