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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Non Traditional Potty Goer Meets Fake Poop

Moonbeam isn't all that interested in traditional potty going yet, though she does play with the frog potty. One day I found her in bed snuggling with a part of it. The children tried to help her get the idea by squatting over her potty chair, making some sound effects, and leaving behind a deposit of fake dog poop. Unimpressed, she tosses the plastic poop aside and continues to play on her frog.
I was quite disappointed. Partly because she didn't seem the least bit interested in the real purpose for her potty. Partly, because I am quite proud of my realistic fake poop, and she was yet another unimpressed party. I bought it while I was working a contract job out of town. When I returned home, I left it on the children's toilet seat in an attempt to disturb them. They weren't impressed. I also tried it in The Archers Bathroom. He didn't buy it. I tried it again a few years later when my friend Mist came over. Her dog was on the floor in the dining room and I set it next to him when she was in the bathroom. She didn't but it either. Gosh, people just don't appreciate my sense of humor ;-) My remote control fart machine went over a lot better, but that's a story for another day.


Colleen said...

oh I love it. Thanks for the chuckle.

Becky said...

You remind me of my sister who has a fart machine, she also loves whoopie cushions and she has the same fake doggie do-do. Which calls to mind a story regarding my rich aunt & uncle who live in Malibu right on the beach. We were at their house at a party with their influential friends. My brother wanted to play a joke on my aunt. So he placed the fake doggie do-do on the patio out where guests would see it. My aunt saw it and got very alarmed. My brother had no end of laughter at that one.

Caroline said...

The fake poo did the trick for me!!!

Also, fart machines. My husband had one and one of my sons took it school where of course it was duly confiscated during a lesson! He came home and told us. We had to see the funny side of it, particularly when he went and asked the teacher if his dad could have his fart machine back!!!

RoseBelle said...

I leaned closer to the computer screen to take a better look at that poop you had in the potty bowl. Haha! I think you would have gotten me if you placed one nearby me. Potty training is hard. It took me about 6 months my daughter. She'll be starting kindergarten this August and I'm drilling her on how to wipe and all.