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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There's No Need To Fear - A Volunteer Fire Fighter Is Here!

The boys were ecstatic to find this set of Moose Paddles while out Scouting and Shed Hunting.
What does Spider man and my children have in common?
Well, it all started one dismal day this past week when the weather was terrible outside. My husband said "What should we do today?" I reminded him that he had been talking about cleaning up the basement. Sure enough, he and the kids spent the day working in their "man zone". I don't spend much time down there. Its messy and that drives me batty, so I stay out for my own peace of mind. Anyway, after a hard days work, they decided to start doing their own "Ninja Warrior" competitions. They tried walking their hands down the beam that runs along the basement ceiling. They tried doing tricks on it. I suggested seeing who could hang the longest (since that's about all I could do). Finally, we used the timer to see who could hang onto the vertical pole the longest without sliding down. Sock Fashion currently holds the pole record at 10 minutes. Of course the boys wouldn't tolerate this, so they have been working furiously to surpass her glorious record title as "vertical pole hanger champion". I suppose one could say we are easily entertained - lol.
Tomorrow I'm speaking at a women's group. Ugh, I suppose I'd better get to studying. Send prayers and happy thoughts my way :-) Friday I am taking the Sock Fashion Expert to a Christian Rock concert. She's pretty excited about that. Today I read Jubal Sackett by Louis L'Amour. Oh gosh it was so good I couldn't put it down. I'm adding it to my list of favorite reads :-) Have a lovely rest of your week!!


cmoursler said...

You guys do the funnest stuff.
Let us know who breaks the record.

Mr. Stupid said...

Vertical pole hanging seems to be lots of fun. Maybe, the boys will need some more training...:)
All the best to you with the speech. You'll do good!


Sal said...

Go Sock Fashion Expert!

Becky said...

Yeah SFE...you go girl!!