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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Adventures of Goatgirl and The Breids Family Party

Moonbeam took this flour bag out of the trash and put it on her head!! She's also been known to browse for snacks in there!! Ugh......

Moonbeam with Goatgirl's goats

Me and "My Friend Fuzzy" with our little girls.

Macey and The ArcherMacey, Her Mom, Me, Beloved Bru'nee, Smackie (a sister in law who just got a toe amputated).

"I'm tired of looking at your darn bushy eyebrows!" Little Timmy said to "The Archer" Its become a classic saying now among our members which we repeat to each other laughing. Little Timmy and his brother are two spirited boys who came to live temporarily with Goat Girl and her family. There is no end to their antics. Just last night we were sitting around the table having Bible Study and about to pray when Lonnie (Timmy's brother) played us a pre-recorded message from a school chum shouting colorful obscenities. One never knows what those boys will come up with next. Goat Girl is just the kind of woman to take on the challenge. Despite the boys shenanigans, they can be lovable and good when they want to be.
We've been at a lot of festivities lately. The other day, we attended Little Timmy's Birthday party. Today we attended Macey's Graduation party. She's such a neat young woman. We've been friends with her family for 10 years. It was quite an excursion going down to their place. The whole family loaded into the Suburban and made the hour long trip down there. Moonbeam seemed to be suffering from an unusual gas problem which was quite disturbing to the children on either side of her. Several times they told me to change her and several times no dirty deed had been done. Despite the odorous disturbance on the ride down, the kids arrived at the party in good spirits.
Macy is the youngest of 9 children all of whom we get along with pretty well. One of my best friends ever is a middle sister who you have heard about before (My friend Fuzzy). For some time, Fuzzy and her siblings have encouraged our Archer to be special friends with Macey. A couple of years ago she invited him to prom which was fun for them both. We all adore Macey.
It was a crazy day having us all in the same house together. There were wall to wall people everywhere. Kids played, men visited, women chatted. Bru'nee, one of my favorite sisters (I guess they're all my favorite) was acting crazy (as she usually does). She's one of those people who will say anything and we couldn't stop laughing. My favorite memory of Bru'nee is when she was in our youth group 10 years ago. We had this girl there who would show up wearing belly shirts. She had several layers of rolls hanging out. Bru'nee told her loudly "Honey, you just shouldn't be wearing those kind of shirts." Rather loudly and with much more description than I care to elaborate on. I think we all wished the girl wouldn't show off her midriff, but Bru'nee said what nobody dared to in a way no one could ever forget. Bru'nee was still herself today and I loved it. Backwoods, hill billy cousins and friends showed up. City relatives came. True to Breid tradition, there was even some impoverished church people they'd invited along. Some farmer guy from God knows where came in and gave us 3 dozen fresh farm eggs in the middle of it all. One things for certain, when their family gets together, there's a lot of laughing and we always feel accepted.


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Moonbeam looks adorable! It sounds and looks like you had a great time. I hope your Memorial day was great too.

Heather said...

Glad you had a good time!

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. Looks like you guys had a great time. Moonbean looks very cute with that bag on. To be frank, I thought the Trash Can was the best place to browse for snacks when I was a kid... LOL


Paula Rodriguez said...

Moonbeam is just the cutest, flour sack and all. Great pictures. You all look like you're having a blast.


RoseBelle said...

She picked the bag and put it on her head? So cute..dirty yes..but kids are just so cute and they could care less about where their object of fascination is from. Whenever I have family gatherings, it's like chaos in the house with people everywhere. The clean up is always a pain too but I always appreciate the time we spend together because it's hard to get everyone together.

Gina F said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and visiting. Moonbeam is adorable. It sure looks like you had a time of your life. I know I had a great time over the Memorial Weekend! PARTY ON!! :o)


stevenjared0853 said...

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