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Saturday, August 7, 2010

my amazing superhuman feat of chick mojo - (actually i did an open water swim)

This is me with the orange cap, white shirt, black X on my back and brown shorts...... Watch the future pics to be AMAZED!!

Here I am again (notice the common theme)

Pay close attention to these two chicks. I am catching them!!!

Yeah i'm worken' it baby!!

Check it out - woohoo!! Here I am getting the edge to leave em behind.....

***** Five Star photo!!***** See the look of shock and horror as the lady looks up out of the water and sees I have passed her (haha)Finally a rare moment away from the pack.....

Me getting out of the water at the finish....

Blue Alice and I at the finish line

Today I swam 1.76 miles across a french sounding lake. It was a lot of fun!! Here's what happened :
0500 My husband awakened me and i began having second thoughts about doing the swim - lol!!
0600 I and my entourage were on the road (aka my husband and The Sock Fashion Expert).
0730 I arrived at the check in. I checked in. I went to the bathroom. Some poor little girl threw up in there and nobody knew who or where her mom was.... my entourage disembarked for the swim destination.
0800 Blue Alice and I sit in the grass waiting for the safety meeting to begin. I chat incessantly and do a strange variety of unusual looking stretches.
0830 We are bussed to the starting point of the swim. I almost board the "Elite Swimmers" bus. Blue Alice asks me if that's the one i really want to board - lol!!
0900 Blue Alice and I sit on rocks waiting for the bull horn start. I fumble with my swim cap. Some guy comes up to offer me advice on how best to dawn my cap..... Then we're off!!
An unknown period of time :
I swim hard, I swim fast, I swim swim swim!! Whew!! Then i notice i've only swam 1/4 of a mile - haha.. My husband found me right away. He teased that I swim "like a wounded frog" so there was no trouble locating me - ah what a kidder.- Actually, I noticed myself passing people more than i noticed being passed. Later in reflection i mention to my entourage "it felt like everybody was passing me last year". My entourage notifies me that last year most of the swimmers were, indeed, passing me.... haha such jesting..... This time, I know the thrill of victory as I swim past a couple of women. My husband also photographed this amazing feat. Notice especially the photo of the rather large woman with the scowl of shock and horror on her face as she sticks out her head and sees I have passed her - lol!!
More unknown time :
I begin getting tired but refuse to let myself slow down. Okay I slow down a little but only by alternating strokes the last 3/4 miles. Giant waves crashed around me. A current tried to suck me toward the bridge. I swallowed several gulps of tainted (likely to be peed in) water. Would I pull through?!? Yes, I couldn't let down my entourage and mentor friend. Onward Christian Soldiers.....
Soon I was at the finish line. Blue Alice greeted me with a hug and a pic. I was no 494 i think (that's more than 100 better than my 599 place last year). My husband and SFE greeted me. I bee lined to the ice cream and cookie table while my husband intercepted my special item bag. Then I lost Blue Alice some place between the chocolate and huckleberry ice cream ladies........ I am guessing she was kidnapped by a group of roving fans (or maybe terrorists) who heard she'd given me swimming advice...... Tune in next time to read this exciting conclusion.
1. who intercepted Blue Alice?! Lets hope she isn't instructing some terrorist in swim techniques off the coast of Aruba!
2. what was my time? obviously you are all shocked and stupified by this amazing feat of superhuman chick mojo..... just ponder these questions for a while until they post our times.


midlife_swimmer said...

nice swim! big distance!


Congratulations!! I loved the photos!
Maybe next year you and Blue Alice will finish in the top 100!!


Anonymous said...

That's great! Such a big goal!

Foodie Girl said...

Great Job honey! I love how your husband is so supportive!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh that was fun to read, and congratulations, 100 better than last year is wonderful. I enlarged that photo of the shocked lady by clicking on it, and she did indeed look shocked :-)

Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Good pictures! Great job!

Sal said...

Congrats outdoor.mom! You did great, i loved the look of shock on that lady's face...

Heather said...

I am so so proud of you! Awesome job, sis!!

I want your autograph.

Elettra said...

Congratulations you made a good race

Not all those who wander are aimless... said...

OO AWESOME!!! Great Job!!!

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

Wow that is so awesome! Way to go ;)