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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


My husband and His Dad Proudly Displaying His 5x5.

Art Dog and His Grandpa Proudly Displaying His 4x4

Hike to the Canadian Border

Canada/US Border Swath Line - UGH! See the Snow Line?!

"Hello is (slaughtered name) there?"
"Yes, this is she"
"Hello (slaughtered name), my name is bankety blah bleu and I am a nurse recruiter from blubbery bloo agency. I hear you want to go to Hawaii? Well that's great. Unfortunately we don't have any assignments there, but we do have a current job in Warm, Balmy Ohio......"
And so my mission has been thwarted by these temporary set backs. Ten of them (or more) called today. Actually it was more. Sometimes there were other lines ringing in while the others were on the phone with me. It occurred to me that I may possibly be entering somewhat of a telephone twilight zone........

I decided that whether or not Hawaii ever materializes, I will become pro-active in my fitness/toning/weight loss attempts (just in case). I know that's kind of silly, but motivation is a huge key for me. Say I get to the end of winter and it never materializes, well, I'll still be happy if I end up toned and 120 lbs ;-) Here is my new plan unveiled which I have entitled "OPERATION HAWAII" : Eat clean foods for a week. Sit ups/arm work daily. Run several days a week. I know I know, its not a real impressive plan, but hey, I have to start some where right? I may even (dread) put up that weight loss ticker again (eeeww)! Okay, enough of such drudgery!!
My In laws left today. It was kind of a dreary day. The kids really really enjoyed having them around. It was even nice having Kevin's brother show up. He (Chet) graced Super Catman with an electric guitar and so he preformed (with amp) for his grandparents proudly on multiple occasions. That's all I'm going to say about that - lol!! Most evenings us girls escaped to the hot tub in the basement. Most days we got outdoors for hunting or hiking expeditions. One day we made a trip to the big city. It was a nice visit that seemed to fly by. Of course they spoiled the kids terribly while they were here with all kinds of special toys, snacks, and gizmos. Most people tell me that I'm privileged to have so many good grand parents for the kids.
I'm feeling a tad guilty because while I type, the family is in the kitchen processing Art Dog's buck but I figure I'd better take my blogging opportunity while she knocks. I've tried many a time to sneak in here and blog. Here's as far as I got last week :
"By Moonlight, I found my way down the river tonight. It was a full moon, or close and spectacular against the night sky. The river reflected His glory. What peaceful way to end a busy day."
Like I said, I gotta take em' while I can ;-) Anyway, as I was saying, all the company is gone now and we face an uncertain winter ahead.
Will it be filled with snow shoeing, skiing, early morning fires while cracking school books with the children......... quiet evenings with Louis L'Amour in the hot tub?
Or will the unknown quest for adventure and the call of God pull us into distant lands? Will I find myself comforting sick natives and tourists in some tropical Emergency Room? Or will I pull my weekly shift in my home away from home hospital near by? Tropical dreams plague my sleep and I can feel it pulling me into an unknown destiny.
Will the children, again, learn to live in a new land just like they did on our short term trips in India, New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado? Or will they just enjoy a peaceful quiet winter?

* One last thing - if you are a prayer, please remember to pray for John Clement, pastor of our orphanage in India. He was beaten during morning worship this week. *


LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

What orphanage??? Sorry to hear about him, what happened, why did he get beaten?? Why would anyone beat someone who is pastor at an orphanage...geeze.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I'll be praying for John.
I went to Hawaii on a mission trip when I was 18. I spent a month there. I can't say that my motives were pure though. I heard "Hawaii" and "Mission Trip" and suddenly wanted to be a part of it :-)


I hope you get to Hawaii :-)

I just stopped a prayed for Pastor John in Jesus Name.


Heather said...

How is Pastor John Clement doing?