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Friday, October 22, 2010

Granny and Popeye Mean FUN FUN FUN!!

Exploring Rock Formations
My In laws...... Still in Love

Granny and her snacks!!

Granny brought Super Catman "Puma Kola"

Rare Shot of My Husband with His Brother "Chet"

Moonbeam, Mother in law and I

Another fun In laws Shot

Moonbeam with Granny Exploring in the Secret Rock Formations

Check it Out!! Par'te!! My (Hero) and (Wonderful) Husband fixed the hot tub - Hooray!! She's up and running as of today :-)

Sock Fashion Expert and Grandparents on a Stroll

My Husband, Part of the "Nail Painting Party"..........

Allot Going on Here!! Notice my husband COLORING!! Granny Painting Nails....

Even More Going On Here!

Family Pac-Man Competition :-)

My Bro-In-Law Shows Up!!

Here's a pile of fun pics from my in laws visit thus far :-) They arrived on Monday. Even my brother in law showed up to celebrate!! Its been a busy but fun couple of days.
My mind seems to be overflowing. I've been cooking, hanging out with family, working, and also getting ready to renew my ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) certification. That takes a lot of preparation, and I had to go to a prep class for it just the other day. Besides all that thoughts of HAWAII seem to be getting the better of me. Let me explain that one :0) Not all that long ago, I was listening to my friends planning trips to Alaska. Just listening to them I realized that I wasn't doing a lot of planning or dreaming about anything. Then my friend KBT put up this Kris Valotton Quote on FB : "When your memories are greater than your dreams, you are already beginning to die." I got to thinking about that one!! So long story, short, I'm thinking about doing some travel nursing. My husband always wanted to see Alaska, and I always wanted to see Hawaii, so who knows? Maybe I'll be blogging from some far away, exotic place in the time to come!! Time will tell. Regardless, I'm having fun dreaming anyway ;-) What kind of things do you dream about? If you're not dreaming about something special, then you'd better get that ol' thinker busy ;-) Start it out by leaving me a comment and I bet it will be just enough to get the wheels of your imagination turning!!


"Indescribable" said...

Love the family photos, looks like you are busy, busy, busy.

I really love the idea of traveling nurse..... how about Africa, short term mission? Lots of opportunities for nurses to do a 10 day trip.
I recently heard Haiti needs some help too.... then you can help Hawaii! (I'd personally like to see Alaska:-)

How's that hot tub after a day in the mountain air?


Great Photos! I can't imagine rock climbing with a bottle of Super Catman "Puma Kola" :-)

Not all those who wander are aimless... said...

Follow your dreams. The world is our book, and by not traveling we read only a page. I am currently living in Hawaii, Actually, and I must say it is a nice place to visit. If you do manage to make it to our beautiful islands, might I suggest that you don't spend all your time in Honolulu if you can help it. the island of Oahu is extremely developed! The other islands are more open and absolutely beautiful - with the kind of seclusion and tranquility that you imagine in Hawaii. Volunteering away from home is the most amazing experience ever - I spent a summer in Australia rescuing sea turtles and replanting rainforests. As for me, after living in paradise for 3 years, I am currently applying for the peace corps! The beach bum life was fun, but I'm ready to see how the rest of the world lives, and give to others some of the wonderful things this life has given to me. Best of luck in your crusade to see my home!