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Friday, October 15, 2010

The Hot Tub

I am about to reveal to you in chronological order the perilous journey upon which I have embarked. Yes, it has been a real "Pilgrims Progress". Here it is - The Victory - The Agony - The Drama - Its all here in my story "The Hot Tub"..............

For as l o n g as I can remember, I always wanted a Hot Tub. Every so often some lucky person would brag about theirs and I would think to myself that "some day" it would happen. I'll never forget the other nurses stories of how some of them get off from work and go sit outside while its snowing and relax their muscles after a long, hard day. I just imagine myself looking over the hill top at the sky and doing the same thing. Year after year, these hopes never materialized until one day we bought a house with a Jacuzzi tub. It was Ecstasy - especially after a hard day of snow boarding. That didn't last long, as we sold the place in only a couple of years and I was hot tubless again. In fact, our current home for the past 8 years hasn't even had a bath tub. When I want to take a bath, I put a big plastic container in the shower (for real)....... Anyway, a hot tub always found its way into my fantasies.
Amazingly, one day, on a lark, my husband and I headed to the big city to check out a few ads from Craigslist. Namely, a four wheeler and hot tub. Here is my journal beginning with that day :
October 8th - Trip to Spokane. A seemingly "nice guy" sells me a hot tub out of the back of his truck. I talk him down to $150 feeling like a rather smooth dealer. He leaps under his truck to catch a frog shocking us all........ On the way home, we pick up a "starter kit" for swimming pools and hot tubs from Wal mart $25. I keep eyeing my hot tub out the rear view mirror feeling like it is almost too good to be true......
October 9th - I Look out the window at the hot tub in the back of our trailer.
October 10th - Super Catman's Party. I Look out the window at the hot tub in the back of our trailer. One of our friends suggests we invite him over when its all hooked up "so he can pee in it".
October 11th - My husband gets the hot tub out of the back of our trailer ingeniously. I clean it out thoroughly. Amazingly, he puts industrial wheels on it so he can push it in the basement using man power and a 4-wheeler. I get excited and begin looking around for my swimming suit. Then he explains that it will not be ready to use yet. He fills it with water cautiously. It doesn't leak!! Hooray!!
October 11th - Continued : He begins taking the side paneling off. Suddenly hordes of Hornets, Bees, Stink Bugs, and other unidentifiable creepy crawlies begin emerging! My husband assigns I and a couple other kids the job of killing the insects before they fully awaken. He removes several nests from the deep dark tubey places.......... Eeewww!!!
October 12th - I Look in the basement at the hot tub filled with water. We stop at the store for hot tub parts, but miss closing time by 15 minutes!
October 13th - I Look in the basement at the hot tub filled with water.
October 14th - I Look in the basement at the hot tub filled with water.
October 15th - My husband does some work on the hot tub. I begin eyeing my swimming suit. He comes up to announce that it needs a new heater, air blower, and filter. We notice on line that the hot tub parts cost more than the hot tub did. I begin to wonder if that "Nice Guy" was just using it as a home for his pet frog. I decide to begin documenting progress in an attempt to laugh rather than cry :-) Stay tuned to read about the exciting conclusion.........
October 16th - I am guessing I will be looking in the basement at the hot tub filled with water - lol!! At least the 4-wheeler runs ;-)


Caroline said...

Very funny! Hope you get it sorted! Blessings to you from England

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Hope you get it fixed so you can enjoy it!!!

Heather said...

You're so, so close! At least now you can say you have a hot tub . . .ha, ha, you can hit me for that comment. :)

Hope it gets working soon & inexpensively. It will be all the more motivation to come see you sometime. :)

I'll call soon!

baili said...

that is great that you are finally going to enjoy a hot bath ,my husband and i dream about same thing in near future but i think it will take some long ,wishing you very very best of luck for your each sweet dream take care god bless

Mama Bear... .. . said...

i hope you get to enjoy it soon.
you have a great attitude about it. you'd have lost me at the sleeping bug collection!

toytrkman said...

You will be sitting in it tomorrow babie! The heater is slowly warming it up.