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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Working Mom Blues and hell is still passing.....

Silly Mom and Girls in the Dressing Room!

My Friends and our kids on a walk :-)
I haven't blogged much for a while. I've had a lot of ups and downs and still am recovering from the hellish past, but things are getting better and i am on the mend :-)
In other news, my dear husband put in our new and newly replaced drier again today! This time it has heat - hooray! Oh wow was it EXCITING to do laundry :0)
On one of my last work stretches, I was pretty emotional, but holding my own. After a nerve wracking few hours at work, I settled down to eat my lunch. I couldn't wait! My daughter, The Sock Fashion Expert had beer battered cod and onion rings! We don't normally keep beer in the house so I had to go and buy some so she could make the stuff. I felt scandalous going into the gas station to buy beer before work. I looked around to see if anybody was watching. I couldn't figure out what kind to buy. Then I wondered if people would think I was loitering around beer! After that, I finally grabbed some and took it up to the counter feeling wary, but trying to keep my cool. I asked for a bag to put it in. Then I discreetly put a newspaper over the top of the bag before leaving. Like some passerby was going to look into my bag and gasp or something - lol!! All night at work, I wondered if somebody would happen by my car and discover that BEER was in there - lol!! Yes, as you may remember my imagination was, as usual, overactive. So as I was saying, fast forward to the next 12 hour night shift and I was on my way in with hubby. He was driving me. I was so excited about eating my beer battered food that I had scarfed down all the onion rings before they ever made it to work. After my first few stressful hours, I had kept in the back of my mind "beer battered cod! Woohoo!!" So here I was around midnight. I had microwaved the beautiful creation and diced up into my big salad. I had taken great pains to add candied almonds, vinaigrette dressing, feta, bell peppers, all the fixings........ Mmmm..... OH MMMM...... My co-workers eyed me greedily wishing they, too, had beer battered cod. I decided to take my food back to my work station. I was GOBBLING it down, attempting to comfort medicate myself and destress as I ate each flavorful, luscious bite. Just as I got to the next forkful of fish, I noticed a strange apparition on it. I moved it with my fork. It looked coiled. I picked it up with my fork. It was a coiled up WORM!! My heart sank and my stomach lurched. My beautiful salad was in the garbage, and its heavenly odor was now making me gag. I looked over the worm again. It was huge as far as food worms go. It was coiled up over and over and looked fresh, though didn't seem to be moving. I'd never seen one like it in any salad I'd ever eaten. It had been sitting on my fish chunk. I didn't have any idea how it could have looked so perfect had it been beer battered. I gulped again. It didn't matter where it came from, it was disgusting. Next, I took it out to the main nurses station and tried to get my co-workers to identify it. Nobody would. They were all too grossed out. Next time a patient came in, I tried to shove it into the Doctors face to take a look. He didn't want to see it either and joked about it being "protein". Oh it was a disturbing dining experience to say the least!
I took it home in the container to show my family but no one would look at it either. My husband, who was driving, didn't want to see it just then. The kids eating their cereal didn't want it. I set the container on the window sill. The next day when I got home, the container was gone. I asked who took my worm. Nobody knew. I looked around and found it in the sink. I took the container back out and put it back on the window sill. The worm was rather shrivelled in appearance by now. I wondered to my self "why I am I still saving this worm?" I asked my husband if I should take it to Costco since the salad and fish had come from there. He said "NO". Then I thew the container and worm away. The end.
We had fish again yesterday. This time it was pre-breaded halibut. I didn't eat much of it, and I took tiny tiny forkfuls - ew! As if I needed something else to be paranoid about! Well anyway, I am happy to report that I am at work tonight and I contain no fish. I did make a salad, but I wiped off each leaf thoroughly. Well, that's about it. I hope you are not too badly traumatized by my story ;-) Until next time, may your food be wormless and your days full of hope........


Mamma has spoken said...

I have heard others talk about finding worms in their salad. I think your fish was safe.
Thanks for the gross story ;o)

Anonymous said...

Worms are quite common in fish, especially cod. I remember a co-worker years ago telling of her experience working at a local fish and chips restaurant, and how they had to pick the worms out of the fish meat... Hope that's not to graphic.

Caroline said...

What a pity that you had to abandon your meal! Liked the photos of you and your daughter in those stunning dresses. When does the snow start to melt over there?

Romantisch Hotel Brugge said...

OMG!!Really very nice looking and beautiful your dress room . i like it and cool your photo's . wondering your recently post and good idea. good family i loved that

baili said...

you and girl looking so pretty dear,

thank god i did not see such thing yet even fish is one of frequently cooked dish in our home.god bless

Laina's Corner said...

I am sorry for your worm experience. How traumatic! My husband bit into a bee the other day, he said it was gross. Glad you didn't eat it to discover it. I hear they have an unusual taste. Take care!

Becky said...

I was eating a salad at a restaurant one time and found a nail. We got a free meal out of it. ;-) My husband always remembers the time I served him cooked broccoli and there were little steamed buggies on it. And last, but not least, I am thankful that my new kitty likes to eat flies. LOL :D

blessedmom's simple home said...

I'd have been quite grossed out too! My stomach lurched just reading about it.
I'd also have been the same way about buying beer...too funny :-)
P.S. I'm just catching up on my reading. Sorry I haven't been around in the past week or so. Our weather has been so nice, I've been spending lots of time in my garden.
It's raining now though :-)

Mama Bear... .. . said...

Loved your story, although grossed out by it. The rawness (no pun intended) was divine entertainment!

You're awesome. I need to read your blog more often : )