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Monday, June 6, 2011

Loony Camping Adventures

As you can see by the look on the first picture - Moonbeam had her share of sugar euphoria ;-)

Rabbit and I on a swamp safari

Sacked Out!

Can you see whats wrong with this pic?! The marshmallow high has now crashed ;-)

My Amazing Son "The Archer"

Us Girls!

Me and my Love

Sock Fashion Expert and Company

The Sock Fashion Expert had determined she would not be cold on this trip!

Camping this weekend was a lot of fun. Our family, Mist's and Elasta Woman's all spent hours upon hours preparing for the big event. Elasta Woman told me she'd spent 7 hours in the kitchen cooking for it. We all piled into our respective vehicles and headed out. Nobody had finalized any plans of where we were actually going. This was a minor oversight. They figured we could decide when we got to the next town. This seemed a bit more carefree than I was used to, but I am trying to learn how to be more spontaneous. All us girls had prayed hard that it would be a good trip and we felt confident it would be. My husband suggested a lake we usually camp at in the spring, but the rest were rather hesitant about it. It may have had to do with my casual passing comment that I'd once swam over a water logged tampon there ;-)
Anyhow, after spending the afternoon in pursuit of Northern Pike at a reservoir, reluctantly they agreed to try out our spot. When they got there, they were all pleased and loved the place as much as we do. We spent hours and hours laying out on the dock reading and chatting while the guys fished and the children chased after turtles. The weather was perfect! Elasta Woman read us chapters of the latest Bill Johnson book and we basked in the Sun and got refreshed by both kinds of watery depths......

The kids were so thrilled that Matthew had cooked them one of the turtles they'd caught over our campfire. They were pleased to eat the roasted meat, though I politely declined a share in those spoils ;-)

On the last day I woke up early and snuck off with my Bible, camera and kayak. It was such a beautiful morning that I wanted to get the most out of it. After I paddled to the end of the lake, I read for a while and prayed in the stillness of the morning. What a wonderful way to start out that last day. On the way back, I thought it strange that a loon was calling and swimming right toward me making all its amazing sounds! I was in no hurry so I watched it and captured a lot of video and camera footage. Soon I saw another one behind it. Next I spotted 2 baby loons. After the babies swam under, the mother and father swam around calling loudly. Then the father jumped out of the water spinning and almost walking on the water in a crazy manner. It was the most amazing thing! I wish I could upload it all, but I think it would never all load.

Anyhow, it was an amazing weekend and we all had a good lot of fun!


Mamma has spoken said...

Love the picture of all the sleeping bags and the only thing looking at you is the dog.

Momma Bug said...

Good for you guys!
I love that family picture - it's priceless!

Becky said...

So glad you had a wonderful time. That quiet time you spent sounds lovely. A perfect morning with Him.

Amber said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. Glad you had the last morning to yourself. Looks like a beautiful place!

toytrkman said...

T'was fun indeed! Except you didn't include my favorite picture! ;-}

blessedmom's simple home said...

What a difference from the campgrounds here in California where you have to book them months in advance. Love these photos. It looks like so much fun, and what a beautiful setting!

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