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Friday, June 3, 2011

Moonbeams Mission

The Boys on a Hike

I have been doing a lot of decontaminating in my life lately....... well not with this suit ;-) I wanted the kids to see me in this get up though!!

On a bike ride with my honey......

Super Catman came too.....

Miss Moonbeam with her pretty polka-dot dress from Geaba

So the other day I went to a special class at the hospital. The boys agreed to watch Moonbeam so The Sock Fashion Expert could have some well earned time shopping in town. Apparently, while the boys were playing video games, She some how climbed up on her Daddy's dresser and helped herself to his supply of beef jerky and Jolly Ranchers. The Archer found her chewing on jerky and took her back into the living room. After making sure he was distracted, she went into the dining room and proceeded to push a chair into the bedroom so that she could climb back up on his dresser and help herself again. "Didn't you feed her?" I quizzed my sons. "Yes" they said she asked for spaghetti and "cheese in a purple bowl". She was naked when I got home and cruddy. "She has gone through half a dozen diapers" they informed me. "Oh?" Yes, she doesn't keep them on as fast as they apply them. I smiled a knowing smile thinking maybe they would razz me less next time they saw her streaking through the house. Once she figured out how to remove her clothes and start using the potty chair, clothes became an inconvenience which she didn't want to bother with. I can dress her and fix her hair up and in minutes she is buck naked with wild hair and crud all over again ;-) "Did she poop?" I asked. Super Catman rolled his eyes "Well Archer pretended to be busy and he made me do it!" The rest of the evening, Miss Moonbeam stuck very closes to us girls, though she did say the boys were nice to her.

Another week has gone awol and I haven't the foggiest where it went to. We're getting ready for a big camping trip this weekend and have successfully packed up half the house ;-) I'm sure i will have a lot to tell.....


Mamma has spoken said...

I'm having fun giggling at my monitor right now with the picture of that cute girl in a pokadotted dress, naked, eating beef jerky and jolly ranchers.
I hope it didn't affect her digestive system, if you know what I mean.
Have a wonderful camping trip!

Heather said...

That girl is full of surprises!

Have a great time camping! I'm going to call you soon.

Becky said...

Silly Miss Moonbeam! LOL She has certainly got her Daddy all figured out and where his stash is. Kids don't miss a thing, do they? :-)