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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Domestic Altercation At Our Home

I was enjoying a leisurely visit on the phone when all of the chaos erupted. I could hear madness going on about my living quarters, however I chose to lend a deaf ear. It wasn't every day I got to visit with my sister and hear about her new baby and my adorable little nieces. It wasn't until my mother barged into the the bedroom loudly crying "something just ate your puppy!" that I paid any attention at all to the brew-ha. "What?!?!" I gasped, and rushed out to see doors flying, flashlights and men with guns. A sick feeling grabbed the very bottom of my stomach. "Could something really have eaten my puppy?" I stared out into the blackness of the open living room door. It dawned on me that whatever it was was still out there and I ushered the door shut. My puppy was not in her usual place right outside the door on the deck waiting to be let in. I gulped slowly. Fighting panic, I rushed to the next window to look out. Relief flooded me when I saw the troop of armed men and boys with flashlights and the puppy following close behind. How did all this come about anyway? What dangers lurked out there in the black night air?
Here's what happened to the Archer :
The Archer was sitting on the computer looking at hunting gear. He heard a yelping. As he was getting up, he saw something big run by the window. He shouted "somethings got the puppy" while running for his gun. He rushed outside into the darkness.
Here's what happened to my mother, dad and the kids:
They heard The Archer. They rushed around for guns and flashlights. My mom headed for my bedroom and looked out the windows.
Here's what happened to my Husband:
He was outside looking for dry kindling to start a fire. He heard the puppy yelping. He ran around the side of the house to see what was going on. Not having a flashlight with him, he ran around the side of the house under the window that The Archer happened to catch a glimpse out of in the dark. He was anything but pleased at the prospect of having been mistaken for a wild beast of the night.
Here's what happened to the puppy:
Details are sketchy, but we piece together a domestic dispute occurred between she and Puma Kitty. Unfortunately it was followed by a domestic altercation and Puma Kitty resorted to violence. No law enforcement was involved in this dispute, though we have suggested Puma Kitty seek anger management counselling. He is considering the matter, though noncommittal. Libby, our puppy, spent the rest of the evening being coddled by her distraught and relieved foster mother ;-) We all had a good laugh!!


Amber said...

Oh my! Glad the cute little puppy was not eaten by some wild beast! But I do love your story telling ability. It's always fun to read about your many adventures! And, I do think anger management classes would be a good idea. :-) can't imagine such a cute puppy doing anything to upset a soul.

Becky said...

Your story made me smile. I have disputes going on here almost everyday. It is either my sons arguing or my two girl kitties. Funny how they seem to fight about the same things. Does that mean my boys are animals or my kitties are human?