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Saturday, October 1, 2011


When the phone rang, I dutifully picked it up. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, and I'd just accomplished my biggest aspiration of the day, namely a 2 hour nap on my outdoor swing. We'd been suddenly awakened by the phone at 6:30 am that morning and I'd had to surrender my warm husband to giving some of our good friends a ride. Really, neither of us minded. They are good friends. But I was in a sleep hungover daze now, and not particularly in the mood for a chat.
Minda our neighbor lady was on the other line with a worrisome voice. Miss Minnie down the road had gone MISSING!! Time stopped and I knew that this meant our peaceful afternoon and evening would be anything but. My husband and Art Dog were out bear hunting. My eldest was sleeping sprawled across the floor. He was getting his well deserved nap after a week of construction work. I hated to wake him. Moonbeam was napping and my eldest daughter, "The Sock Fashion Expert" now named "Saphara" after God's all consuming fire, was taking a well deserved break on the computer.
My mom and dad have been up visiting for the past week. Dad was napping on the couch and mom was reading. It was fine time to go off gallivanting across the country side in search of a missing person, but neighbors are neighbors and ours was in trouble. This is not the first time Miss Minnie has gone missing. Last year, she slept out in the woods with her dogs one night. This was no way for a lady in her 70's to spend the night and we weren't about to allow that to happen again. It was nearing 5pm and I knew I needed to usher the troops off at top speed. Time was of the utmost importance.
Knowing the older kids could cover more ground, I dispatched them on their motorcycles as quickly as I could. Moonbeam turned out to be soaked in urine deep in her slumber. It was a precarious event getting us all out the door, but I knew it must be done. Super Catman was contending with me over his need for weaponry on such an occasion and my mother was rounding up a whistle to blow. Saphara was frustrated at first, but when she went into the basement, God started dealing with her heart. She closed her eyes. God said "Change your attitude. You're going to find her."
When at last we drove away, uncertainty lurked. Partly it was my husband gone. Partly it was the rushing around. Partly it was that The Archer spotted some individuals darting around the woods trying to elude him as he drove by. He'd recently heard there had been theft and vandalism around here.
Dread lurked as I knocked on Miss Minnie's door. Nobody answered. Her husband, "The Woodsman" was no where around. Most likely he was out looking himself. I scrawled a note on the door and we formed a plan of action. Saphara and The Archer parked their motorcycles and headed up one of her trails. The property is a vast acreage. "The Woodsman" was born here. His father homesteaded this property. He'd lived here all his years with the exception of time spent serving our country in war. When he was young, his father was killed. When he was 17 his mother left to remarry. Stubbornly, he remained on his land. Today, with many a year added, he still resides, firm, strong, undaunting. He's not a man of many words, but when he called for help looking, it was without doubt, necessary.
Saphara and The Archer, on motorcycles began driving all over the vast premises. My Mother, Super Catman and I manned the road with Miss Moonbeamer and the stroller in tow. My mother began blowing the shrill whistle. We all took turns yelling and listening as we walked for a couple of miles along the road side of the property. As time passed more people began showing up to join the search party. We were a motley crew. My mother blowing that whistle and yelling at Super Catman to stay in sight. Super Catman wishing "we could be lost so it would be more exciting" and Miss Moonbeam sitting there proud and prissy, getting away with drinking the rest of my Pepsi. Though it didn't seem like much, and my ears were ringing from the constant whistling, I knew we were doing the right thing. Miss Minnie had her dogs with her and every so often I kept thinking I could hear them bark. It was so far away, it was almost impossible to tell where it was coming from.
Saphara had gone a long ways. "I can't imagine her going this far". The still small voice led her on. Finally, in frustration, she knelt down on her knees and began praying. Suddenly the winds of the Spirit blew and Saphara had a vision. She saw tall tall weeds. She saw a big stick. She saw Miss Minnie.........
Saphara walked on. Soon she saw the big field of tall tall weeds. It was the same one she'd seen in her vision. A big fluffy dog emerged. It looked at her and paced back and forth. She followed it into the tall tall weeds. There was Miss Minnie!!! She was waving a big stick in the weeds. She was confused. Saphara gently led her by the hand out of the tall tall field of weeds. She sat her down. She fired 3 shots with her Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt. She waited. Nothing. She was too far away. She was going to have to go for help herself! Saphara gently explained for Miss Minnie to sit there with her dogs. Then she ran for help. She found a couple of men from the search party with a radio. One went for a vehicle. The other came with her.. Saphara led one of the men to her. Miss Minnie was safe at last....
Suddenly an entourage of cars went rushing past from where we'd just been. I heard somebody down the road saying she'd been found. Relief. Imagine how proud I was to hear that it was my daughter who had found her. I knew my kids had a way in the woods and that if anybody could find her it would be them, but I was even more pleased to hear about the vision from God. I've always taught my kids to be sensitive to God's voice. Seeing it in action, helping others, well there's nothing so rewarding. What more could a mom ask for but to know her kids love God and know Him?
Miss Minnie was surrounded by a big group of friends, neighbors and family when we got back to her place. Saphara was smiling, but quiet. It was The Archer who told me about the vision and rescue. I looked over Miss Minnie and gave her a hug. I figured there was enough hoopla going on and it was time for us to head home. Saphara, the heroine, got on her Honda XR 100. She was wearing a simple pair of brown slacks and black sweatshirt, but her Ruger glistened at her side and her metallic, brilliant red hair sparkled in the evening sun. Quiet and modest, nobody could help but to watch her drive away with a bit of awe and respect. It was like the hero riding away modestly after saving the day, come to think of it, thats exactly what it was........ selah.


Amber said...

weetsocSo glad she was found safe!
And glad you have taught your children to listen to God when he speaks! Your daughter was def. the hero!
Pat her on the back for me!

Your story telling is beautiful! You have a way with words!

Enjoy those beautiful mountains for me!!

Amber said...

Ignore the first few letters of last comment! Computer was trying to help and just made a mess!

"Indescribable" said...

Great lesson, be still and hear His voice!

Heather said...
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Heather said...

I could honestly say before all this happened that I couldn't be more proud of her. . .this just gives me more evidence. :)

I love how you described her riding away at the end.

I'm also impressed by the caliber of her sidearm. I think firing one would knock me over! Every time I wear my Ruger shirt, SFE, I'll think of you. :)

Lots of love!

sweety said...

hi aunty how are you?can you please visit my blog or follow it and please leave a comment....convey my regards to ur family.:-);-)