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Saturday, November 29, 2008

ijoy 130 robotic massage chair

Once in a blue moon, we each get some spending money. After carrying mine around for a year or so I finally decided that I was not going to be buying a sectional, a jacuzzi or taking a trip to Europe with my allotted amount. Once reality set in, I remembered an incredible experience i had..................
I had worked ALL NIGHT in the emergency room. My husband brought moonbeam in to nurse on my break. Between being er nurse and mom, at the end of my 12 hour shift, i was exhausted. Kevin had found a buy in the paper he was picking up afterward in another city. Long story short, i was found inside of Costco with a screaming child, tired body and time to kill. I have this issue with wearing socks polluted with bodily substances so i refused to wear mine, leaving me with tootsies begging to stop walking.
Then i saw it..... heavenly lights illuminated the chair and i heard an angels choir. The screaming baby wanted to eat NOW! I sat, and had a heavenly visitation. WoW! It was like nothing i had ever experienced before. Right there in the middle of the costco. Cloaked in a veil of blanket, Moonbeam happily slurped. I sat there stunned that such pleasure could exist in the middle of a busy store. It rolled, it kneaded, it did everything but make coffee. It was truly a memorable experience. Mainly because of the chair, partly because of the assorted looks from fellow shoppers. Getting a variety of responces often amuses me, this being the case, i enjoyed a good laugh.
It is a good step in my journey to fitness. Something enjoyable without calories ;-) Other than meeting the delivery guy in a back alley of another city (like i was buying some illegal substance), the delivery was decent. Nobody delivers up the remote mountain we live on anyway.
Since we've had it, I love it! Word to the wise : The 150 which costco has is bigger. The 130 fits me great, but i am pretty small framed. I wouldn't order one for a person with a larger caboose, i'd get them the 150. Right now Costco.com has a $150 rebate which made it affordable to me. Pictured here is Moonbeam in it (everything in my house i don't want c0vered in grubby child paw prints must be covered).
Fitness tip #102 tromp all over looking for, cutting down and dragging in a tree with your kids! I was glad i could revert to the chair many times that day!
Responces from my children about the ijoy 130 :
karsten : "it's going to change my life"
kaleb : "it reminds me of a monster coming out of the chair to get me". It also reminds me of a "crashing airplane."
Kevin III: "i can't believe you spent your money on THAT!"
kiana: "it gives you a sore back"
krystiana : "goo"
my husband: "whatever makes you happy dear"


Heather said...

Such a great post, Outdoor Mom! You are such a great writer! I hardly recognized Moonbeam in that chair, she's so big! What a great smile.

I love how you included quotes from the kids. Karsten will have to let me know how it changes his life!!

Me said...


Heather said...

When we come again, will you let me use it? Or do I need to promise you my next child?

Melissa said...

That sounds like quite a chair!

toytrkman said...

Still think you should have bought a new rifle instead! ;-}