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Monday, November 24, 2008

Testimonies of God's Supernatural Protection this Hunting Season

For our Family, Hunting Season is important for several reasons 1. Because the men of my family enjoy the sport and look forward to it all year long. 2. Because we have a family of 7 and the spoils feed our family throughout the year. 3. Because its a season steeped in tradition, passed on from generations. Its a time when Parents and Grandparents pass on something of value to the upcoming generation, instilling self sufficiency and pride. A time where our little community overflows with excitement and lots of extra people. 4. Because I can escape and go shopping and no one will notice.

This year we've had some extra-ordinary encounters and I want to Give God Glory for His Protection.

On election day, Kevin, my husband was out with Kiana. While hiking, she passed up a 3x3 looking at something over the hill. As they looked up, they saw black. Thinking it was an elk, they charged up the hill only to find a mother grizzly and 2 grown cubs with her. The bears saw them, but didn't act aggressive and they separated from them safely.

This past week, my husband was charged by a forked horn buck while he was putting something in his pack. He heard it running and stood up, putting his pack in front to brace for the blow. At the last min., it skidded to a halt and jumped off into the woods.

Just the day before that encounter, our son was hiking in the forest by himself. Kevin had taken me to rattle up a buck - my first ever - a mule 3x3. It was late dragging him out and we were late to pick up our son from his designated location. When we got him on radio, he was staring down a lion. This cougar was waiting for him on the trail in the dark, crouched down ahead of him behind a log. Our son happened to shine a light that reflected it's eye. Seeing the eye saved his life. He shined a flashlight on it's face and yelled at it to leave, then it walked off.

Also this week, my husband was driving our daughter and son back from a hunting hike and the car flipped over on its side because of the ice. It avoided a drop because a large rock prevented it from rolling further down the side of the hill.

I just have to Thank God in all these instances that He was faithful to protect my family. I remember Psalm 91 and I thank God that we dwell in that secret place where we are fixed under His shadow. I hope this will build faith in the hearts of those who read it :-)

We also have had an awesome harvest thus far - I shot my first buck, and got my doe. Kiana got a doe, buck and bear. Kevin Jr. got a buck, bear and doe. Kevin III got a buck and doe. Our freezer is FULL!


Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Neat. By the way, where is Yaak? I'd lived in western Montana for twenty years, but had never heard of Yaak.

outdoor.mom said...

Its as far North and as far West as you can go in Montana with out hitting Idaho and Canada.
Where are you from :-) ?