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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nordic Walking

Ok, I admit it!! When I first saw people Nordic walking I thought It looked wierd. I never even considered doing it until I read an article about it this month. Here are some things I like - now that I've tried it :
Its a good balance help - especially on icy surfaces
Its a full body workout
Its easier on my joints, especially when packing moonbeam.
I don't have to walk as far to get a good workout so it saves me time.
The neighbors and assorted family members give me strange looks ( I have an unusual sense of humor so that amuses me).
The poles can also be used as a primitive weapon to fend off attacking chipmunks.

Fitness tip 101 : Con Your Kids

This is Karsten's "Special Rock". He likes to ride his bike to it while I hike. I can usually con him into riding further if I ask him to go to "special rock".

Now that she's out of her pack, she can do her favorite passtime - play with and suck on her toes!!


outdoor.mom said...

Have fun "Mordick Walking",
Outdoor Mom!!!

outdoor.mom said...

out door mom did not say that!! some fiendish child of mine broke into my account!!!! Just for that i will send mordic walking commentary to your blog!!!! HHHHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

Me said...

Oh sure. You didn't write that.
Blame it on your daughter just because no one comments on your blog. Oh, and what is Mordick Walking?!?!