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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

the notorious kitty cuddler

Here are some cute pictures from last week. One is of the boys, who fell asleep watching tv together. The other one is of Moonbeam with our zany cat, "Puma Kitty". Though I've never been a cat person, I have to admit, this one has grown on me. From killing pack rats 1/3 his size, to his persistent obsession with snuggling Moonbeam, he's becoming a part of the family.
It's been a fun week. On Monday, after doing school with the kids, I got out in the kayak for a good long time. I went just a little bit further than I've ever gone before and explored a new part of the river. That evening, my husband took me out to eat. We ate at the only open place there is - the local lodge. It was fun, but unusual. We were the only patrons there. Just a few weeks ago, the main mercantile/restaurant/bar mysteriously closed. Nobody knows why or for how long. Its a mystery to all the locals. Some of them who go there every night don't know what to do with their evenings. At any rate, nobody knows how long it will be closed for. Its very strange driving through the "town" part and there is nothing open.
Today I enjoyed a really nice morning. After devotions with the kids, and getting them started on school, I ran a couple of miles with my friend, Mist. We started running a new route through the woods. There are logs down on the trail and its a bit of an obstacle course. After that, we savored a cup of her good coffee and some zucchini chocolate chip bread. She had a whole bag of clothes she had gone through for me and I had fun browsing through them.
On Friday I am having a "Chic Flick Night". That should be fun. I love the different personalities of my friends. Its such a unique diversity seeing us all together. They are coming to hang out with me "in my hour of need", since my husband will be gone that night. Yes, I am learning that contrary to my prior belief, I am not "male dependant". I actually can survive without my husband for a day or two! He had been gone on business the past couple of weekends. I wanted to go with him, but he is convinced that I spend too much money to be trusted all weekend in a big city. I'm not sure why he thinks this - possibly because I spend too much money!! I never mean to, it just happens. Last time he let me go along, I wanted a motel with a swimming pool. I wanted to eat at the "Hu Hot" which ended up costing us over $80. Then I accidentally backed into a cement pillar and munched the back of our Suburban. I could on, but I would only incriminate myself further. I'm just not one of those women who are good at being thrifty. I'm more of the kicking and screaming temper tantrum throwing type wives. Ok, I'm a reformed kicking and screaming temper tantrum throwing wife. Anyway, a chic flick night will be a good distraction ;-) I can't get into too much trouble doing that..... or can I?


Anonymous said...

That's amazing that Moonbeam can hold the kitty and not get scratched, it must really like her alot! Way to funny of your boys, I thought only twins did stuff like that.
You may think this will sound like a "the grass is greener..." kind of thing; you are lucky not to have all the distractions of places (stores etc) to go, you get to interact with your friends (humans!). City folk are so dependent on the places that we have to go - that most have lost the ability to entertain theirselves!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I love the picture of your daughter holding the cat!! Very cute. Has she been scratched? ? Have fun on your movie night! Sounds like something fun!

Jacob said...

Those pics of Moonbeam snuggling with Puma Kitty are So Sweet! My girls will love them.

I love how you describe yourself as a kicking and screaming temper tantrum throwing kind of wife. I don't think frugality comes to most of us by nature--we just become convinced of it in our minds before it spreads to our actions.

Okay, Jacob just said he thinks I'm wrong. You can tell who is the spender and who is the saver in our marriage! :)

I'm commenting under Jacob's account because it's already up.

Deborah Ann said...

Your life sounds so adventurous! How blessed you are to live in such a beautiful place!

Becky said...

I love the picture of the boys sleeping together. That is just too cute!! Have a fun time watching the flick with the chicks while the rooster is away. ;-)

Toni said...

what a sweet kitty to let your daughter cuddle him all over like that, thats a special cat for sure:-) - wait till she dresses him up,lol:-)

A chic flic night sounds great, what film are you planning on watching? I wish I could sneak over for the night.

Have a great week.

from MN said...

Hey- We just got blessed with a canoe! Now we have a whole new realm of possibilities... If we can get it to water! Just thought I would let you know after our last phone visit. Since we had riced I had really put the desire of having a canoe before the Lord. The owner only wanted $20 and then we gave him some rice too. I wonder what else God has up his sleeve...