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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time Is Not Cooperating With Me, How Rude

Mom and Dad have been here for a week and time is flying by! I find myself wishing I could force the clock to drag its heels, but it keeps on marching steadily along. I never imagined the incredible harvest that would seemingly drop from the sky into my kitchen. First the giant squash, then the corn and apples. The same day a friend gave me a plethora of zucchini. Pineapple Sage and Thyme from the neighbor girl drying in the window and blowing with the breeze just add to the never ending kitchen activity. Then yesterday, I was given ten more boxes (that's 400-450 more pounds) of apples besides the 8 boxes (320-360 lbs) that I already had. Just to do the math, I'm going to be processing some where between 720-810 pounds of apples depending on the weight of the boxes.
Despite the sudden assault of fruits and vegetables on my kitchen, we have also enjoyed a variety of other activities. The boys carved "walking sticks" for my parents to help them navigate the rocky, hilly trails. Every day we manage to put in a hike or two. It's a good thing, too, because I can't seem to stop serving up lots of good food! The boys also took my mom (and their cat) out for a boat ride. Mom enjoyed most of it (except for the mishap getting out of the boat)!
Yesterday, we went to town and enjoyed some sight seeing. The day before that, I took Dad to some "country Gospel" type church meeting. It is NOT my style of music, but I knew my dad would like it. As I look back on the week, I find myself wondering where it went and just what else we did!
They also joke that they feel like "The Walton's Grandparents" who work right along with the family. The kids are quite elated Dad has been doing all of the dishes. He also helped them get a load of fire wood. Mom cleaned the bathrooms today and has also taken over the laundry. Today we all worked diligently on apples.
The men (my husband and eldest son) have been out all day up a mountain looking for elk. I got up with them at 4 am to make them a hearty breakfast. I had to do a double take when I came out of my bedroom, because my 18 year old was decked out in cammo and had black face paint on. I fed them, prayed with them and sent them off with a blessing. It's a good thing I have my parents here and the ton of food screaming to be processed. Worrying about them (my men) running around with bows in Lion and Grizzly country does me no good. I just have to put my trust in God, otherwise I'd have flown over the coo coo nest by now. With boyish fervor and giddy anticipation they shouldered their supplies and disappeared long before light.
Well, good night John Boy.


Anonymous said...

Let's see, that is some squash, come next march you'll be happy to have hundreds or pounds of apples and corn in the pantry/freezer & Grandpa Walton would never do the dishes!!! I've been watching season 9 and Hubby brought home season 8 (the Waltons) from the library today!

Me said...

When I woke up and saw "the archer" with all that face paint on at the table, I at first thought that the benedrill I took must have had some funny effects on me lol!!!

Heather said...

What great pictures! We really enjoyed them--especially of Dad and Moonbeam and Mom in the boat with the kids. And it was so sweet of you to post the pic of Moonbeam enjoying her socks! Yay, that makes me happy.

Becky said...

Great pictures! Glad you are enjoying your time with your parents. Love that squash! ;0)

Polly said...

I was just looking up a remedy for my dog that rolled in dead animal and your blog popped up.
So fun to read your stories. We are a homeschooling family. We were up in LIbby and troy last summer looking to move. We also looked at some info on properties in the Yaak. It is nice to know there are other homeschooling families up there. It is now another summer and we are still looking to move. We are on the road right now and heading to idaho and montana again. So "random" to find your blog! Love reading your stories. I think we would get along if we lived close by. My husband is a bow hunter as well. We met working for an outfitter in "The Bob".
By the way....that is the biggest squash I have EVER seen!!!
Polly Gundy

Mama Bear... .. . said...

I LOVE the Waltons and watched faithfully as a child. I even had the house to play with (made of cardboard). I own a couple seasons and now want to break them out and watch with my daughter, it's been a while.

You are so abundantly blessed. You're an inspiration. Enjoy your time with Ma and Pa Walton. It's precious and dear. I loved reading this post. I'm just slow cooking some bison roast for my family and taking in MY blessings. Thank you for sharing yours.