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Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Granny Clampet and I Have in Common

What do Granny Clampet and I have in Common? Well, I imagine she rendered plenty of bear fat! I haven't, however, stooped to feeding my family crow gizzards or possum innards.
Today was rainy and overcast. My good friend, Elasta Woman was coming for a visit. Long before I even dragged myself out of bed, our eldest son, "The Archer" (pictured here), had cooked himself some breakfast and went out in search of game. I did a daily devotional with the other kids, got them started on school and hurriedly began straightening up. My husband did math with the kids as usual. Just as Elasta Woman and I had settled in with a good cup of joe and some zucchini bread in burst Archer.
Ecstatic, he told us he had "predator called" in a mammoth black bear. It's weight was likely over 300 lbs. The younger boys loved the excuse to post pone their school work until later on. With lots of hoopla, my husband and all three boys headed off to pack out the meat, fat and hide. The bear was so big that all of them together couldn't drag it out.
We try very hard not to waste anything. It would be such a travesty to me to kill such a majestic animal and not use all of it. This is why I began rendering the fat. I have actually found that rendered bear fat is great for deep fat frying, for baking, etc.. It's organic, doesn't have access to what the "city bears" do, and there are other health benefits as well. Animal fat has been used among indigenous people for centuries. Heart disease and Diabetes were not as prevalent among them until they had access to processed foods. Ok, I'll get off my soap box about that. We also eat the meat (though it has to be cooked very well) and keep the hide.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well I removed it because I can't type! I'm thinkin' Walton's! A friend of daugh #1 got a bear recently, with an arrow, we heard. They made jerky, daugh. had some it was spicy!

Blessings each day said...

I am waiting for the picture of your teepee or bearskin rug or both!

This is definitely where my city girl is showing and not my country girl...I can render unto God what is God's and unto the gov. what is theirs but I can't render fat!

blessings and hugs,


Heather said...

I love Marcy's comment about rendering. :)

Great job, Archer!!

toytrkman said...

The rendered bear fat is good when cooking eggs. Worst part though is rendering it stinks up the whole house. Smells like a bear in here! I'm proud of my wife for doing it though!

Toni said...

so wonderful you use all of the animal most of the hunters I know also feel the way you do.Most of them are the best conservationist going.

So rendered bear fat stnks is it like a wet dog smell?

Becky said...

Wow! I love reading this blog! Being a city gal this is high adventure for me. Congrats to Archer on his catch. The Lord provided big time. Enjoy!

Me said...

Rendered fat!!! It doesn't work that well in pies, but I suppose it's better 4 ya than crisco:-)

Anonymous said...

such a majestic animal, yet you slaughter it..