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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Big Hamburglary Hug - Why I Blog

This is my life...... As I sat down to blog, a strange quiet rested on the house. I told my son, Art Dog to check the baby. More silence. Soon he was scolding Cat Man "Don't slide around in it!". That's never a good sign. As I walked into the kitchen I was to discover that Moonbeam had pulled out the whole wheat flour and was playing in it. It was all over her and the floor. Super Catman decided it looked good to slide around in. Artdog, wanting to diffuse the situation, informed me "Mom, they're just trying to be healthy." What a kid!
This is the same kid, last night, who sensed my growing displeasure. We were processing an elk, which is a lot of meat and takes a lot of time. Everybody works together on different jobs. The older ones are using knives. The younger ones are doing things that they can't get hurt doing. As the younger ones work, they make bigger and bigger messes. Soon the floor is covered in meat scraps and hamburger. Its getting stuck to my sock feet. Blood is dripping down the cupboards. There is mess everywhere I look. I feel anxiety beginning to surface. I look at Art Dog. There is hamburger all over his sleeve and on the back of his shirt. I tell him "You are full of hamburger!" He looks at me and says "Big Hamburglary Hug Mom" and hugs me. The kid shows potential for being a therapist! This is my life. You can see now why I blog. Its a bit of a debriefing process.
Our family is infamous for a few things. One of which is our driveway. It is undoubtedly the steepest driveway in all of our area and quite possibly much of the world. In fact, it is so steep that in some conditions we can't even get up it with chains and a four wheel drive. The fresh fallen wet snow today made driving on it somewhat of a challenge. I made the mistake of trying to back down. It was quite nerve wracking. When I came back, there was a truck pulled across the bottom meaning "don't even try". I got out. Everything was black. I could barely see my feet in front of me. Slowly, I edged my way around the truck and toward the house. The living room light shone out into the darkness beckoning me along. The trees on either side were creepy. I wondered if they provided cover for some predator lurking menacingly nearby. I walked a little bit faster, though the incline can be exhausting to climb. As I continued on, I felt grateful for wearing my hiking boots today. My brilliant husband put sheet metal screws on the bottom giving me super great traction. The closer I got to the house the calmer I felt and I was never so relieved to burst through the door. This is my life.


Becky said...

What a happy family you all are! And the pictures the Archer took are gorgeous! You definitely have Thanksgiving going on at your house. ;-)

Paula Rodriguez said...

Beautiful post. Don't you just love the "happenings" and kyoss of family. I certainly do. The more happening the better.

You have a gorgeous family. Definitely much to be thankful for this thanksgiving.

Take care

cmoursler said...

we used to process venison from the whitetail we shot. my mom would make venison sausage. It was awesome. It's nice to have a family and a home.

Blessings each day said...

Well, here I am, finally commenting and posting. Also, in awe of all you do and have to do, like climbing up your driveway!! Maybe you could tie ropes around your trees and pull yourself up on slippery days.

Massive cookie baking is around the corner here and then I will have helpers too, so I am happy that your whole family pitches in to get all that processing done.

blessings and lots of hugs,


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your "life" as it is very different from my suburban life!

Heather said...

I admit, I'm relieved that Moonbeam was sliding around in something as clean as wheat flour! (Can you guess what I was imagining?)

Kardelen's monkey party is this weekend! Want to come?! :)

Love ya.

Anonymous said...

Reading your post I feel as if I've escaped to another world. So different from mine, and so wonderful. What a great family experience, and to have even the little ones helping...fantastic.

Diana said...

Wow that's a lot of work! It made me tired just reading about it. You are very brave with your driveway. When mine is snow covered, I just don't leave! Well eventually my son will come over and shovel it for me if need be. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Wish I had some of that elk, after all the work of coarse!
Love Di

heather said...

came across your blog and I love it! We lived in Wyoming for a couple years but the distance from family was too much and we came back home to So. Cal. Not an expert but have some in experience now with arctic cold, 32 degrees feeling like summer, canadian geese, antilope crossing signs....a hubby who trapped fox, mountian lion and the like! LOL! Anyways, beautiful blog! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Me said...

Hey, SockFashionExpert is too cool to cut meat! It would build alot of character if you'd let her read or something while you process the next deer lol!

Caroline said...

Wow! I so love reading about your life. What an amzing photo of all that snow. It is 12 degrees here and very mild, despite the country being hit by floods.

I feel a real townie in comparison!

Foodie Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a beautiful blog! I love the mountain view. It's amazing you get internet service way up there. I plan on poking around your blog to learn more. Your family looks nice. Again, thanks for stopping by!