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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Working Mom Blues - Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Little did I know, as I typed those very words from my last post, predators, indeed were on the prowl. Bright and early that very next morning, "The Archer" burst through the doors excitedly. We were soon to discover that more than one predator had been here for a visit. Fresh Lion Tracks crossed the very walk I had made that night before. Not far from there, a bear had sauntered by as well. Still having a bear tag left to fill, my husband left with the Archer shortly thereafter. Much later I was to hear that they would track down their would be prey only to be outsmarted. A unique black, brown and cinnamon multicolored bear was seen briefly and later doubled back on their tracks. He is certainly a rare find among bears. On he roams now, unhindered for the time being.
Despite my impending Bible Study evening and work night, I made time to take the children outdoors to play. The fresh white snow covered the world as we knew it and the words "winter wonderland" rang true. I had just borrowed the camera for "a few minutes" from my hunter men, but like a fellow sibling, I gleefully marched along the property boundaries with the boys not wanting to turn back and return it. As the boys headed down the trail into the back woods, I went right along in awe and wonder myself. Super Catman lead the expedition, followed by Art Dog pulling Moonbeam in her little sled. She Amiably went along for the ride without protest. "Puma Kitty", Super Catman's faithful side kick ran along after them as well. I took up the rear snapping a ridiculous amount of photographs along the way. Every so often the boys would pause and shake trees to "make it snow" once again. It was like being in a glass bubble and I didn't have to grow up until I returned home to prepare for my adult responsibilities. Every time the boys shook the trees, it was like somebody shaking up my glass bubble. Little Moonbeam gave us her big toothy grin and the world was a much better place. This euphoric bliss lasted a good long time. As we walked each leg of our journey, the children were delighted to discover that some of the very steps they were taking traced the tracks of the cougar and the bear. They also found a resting spot of a raven. The children very much enjoy studying animal tracks and insisted I photograph each set. As our adventure hike came to a close, and we climbed the hill to the house above, I breathed one last sigh of freedom. This was just what I needed before working a 12MN to 12noon shift.


cmoursler said...

okay, this is why I don't live in yon hinterlands...it's all oh look, mountains and a clear lake and look at the sparkle on the snow and smell that fresh mountain air...then it's about 200 lbs of wild angry animal with his teeth gnawing away at your skull while your wife or husband is attempting to lever it off you with a tree branch. lol. And don't tell me they are more afraid of me than I am of them...cause no they ain't and yes I am.
I like the pictures though lol.

Becky said...

Wow! Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing your bubble time, I really enjoyed it.

Diana said...

I love seeing the winter photos as I love winter. And that little girl of yours is too sweet looking!
You have lots of wild life! So do we only it is of the human variety.
I do enjoy your writing style.
Love Di

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

The photos are beautiful, but I'd be scared of the bears and cougars. You are a gutsy woman. You all look like you're having a wonderful time.

Caroline said...

Your photos are great! You are very brave to live with all the wild animals- the nearest to wild in our neighbourhood is a neighbour's boxer dog!

Anonymous said...

I have a question from you might be able to shed some light on, this was brought up on an Amish blog - "The third annual Thanksgiving Eve community worship invites all to its multi-denominational event at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at Christ Lutheran Church in Libby.This year’s worship is being planned by Christ Lutheran Church, First Presbyterian Church and the Amish Community Church who invite people of all denominations to join together in giving thanks to God." - the question on the other blog is about "Amish Community Church"; is that a term for the local Amish or is their a church called the "Amish Comm Church". I think the question the other blog autorh is having is that it seems unsual for Amish worhship with other denominations - Do you know anything about the Amish in that area? Thanks for your help outdoor.mom!

outdoor.mom said...

Very Amusing CMoursler!! I love everybodies comments :-) you all are some much fun. Becky, Diana, thank you for your encouragement and compliments! Blessed Mom and Caroline, I do get scared sometimes, but have to rely on God to take care of my family. His grace is sufficient :-) This isn't the life I would have planned for myself. I'd have chosen a tropical beach - lol!! Kimberly, I answered your question on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I knew you'd have the answer! I'll paraphrase your answer on the Amish Cook website

Heather said...

I love that picture of you with Moonbeam! I'm glad to see her in the snowsuit! :)

Mar said...

Hey, it's me again, Mar, aka AnnofgreenCables. I have just finished reading all your posts starting from the first one. Wow, wow, wow. I have to say I admire you so much. Your faith, your courage and your love of God and family bring tears to my eyes. I look forward to reading more of your posts.
People, looking at my 70 year old person, would not guess that I love the outdoors and a good feed of venison or moose, fresh caught fish. Being able to hunt or catch and process your own food is a blessing. The closet I've come, as a city girl born and bred, was skinning and processing a rabbit, many years ago. I have caught and cooked few fish in the past too.
Well, I know you are busy, so I won't go on and on. Peace and Love, Mar.

Prairie Chick said...

whoah. I've been having nightmares for you. Literally. The other night I had this horrible dream that my daughter was missing and I fell asleep looking for her and woke up and there was a mountain lion next to me. We have a bounty out for coyotes around here, they are just.... overtaking us. Predators scare the tar out of me!