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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines Weekend (and Perfect 10 Post)

Happy Valentines Day Weekend!! Thought Everybody would enjoy these photos of my In laws :-) It seemed appropriate for Valentines. My husband's mom and dad met as teens and fell in love. They've had a happy and successful marriage all these years. The photo with the extra people in it is actually their wedding photo! Do you recognize that dress from the wedding photo on Sock Fashion Expert?!
Perfect 10 (Ug - late again!)
1. Exercise 6 Days a Week - yes, running or hiking most days.
2. sit ups - uhhh... probably not!! Will focus more on that now that I'm home :-)
3. Healthy Idea in My Kids Daily - Am switching from my food log to incorporate this more. I will spend the next few weeks recording that instead.
4. Current
5. Yes - water, Yes - fruits, Yes - Veggies
6. Yes - doing fine there.
7. Hair - Done
8. Weekly Workout with a Buddie - My Sis and I ran together several of the days I was visiting our Mom and Dad's. It was great fun and now she is running at the gym - a new experience for her :-)
9. Done (didn't win).
10. Goodness Gracious!! I've spent enough time trying on clothes to make up for all 6 weeks! I was pleased and surprised to see I'm down to my summer sizes. This gives me encouragement (and hope) that maybe by summer I'll be down to less that that! I found so many sales that fit well over the past few weeks, that I bought more than I probably needed to.
And Hooray!! This is the first time EVER that I went back to visit and didn't gain 5 or more pounds. I ate everything everybody did, I was just careful how much of it I ate.
*Fun Fact - It was fun being at my in-laws. I hiked into town several times while I was there on this past trip. For the first few years of our marriage, we lived not far from them, and visited there often. As I was reminiscing over those years, it dawned on me that hiking to town was something I'd have never done (or did so rarely that I can't remember doing it)! We biked there a few times together, and I thought that was exhausting even though, in reality, it was only a few miles. Then I wanted to get ice cream for my efforts!! That was about 17 or 18 years ago. I feel better and have more energy than I used to.


Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. Well done yet again with all your goals! Few people ever go on holiday and don't put on weight so I think that is a huge achievement.

Have a great weekend!

Bearfriend xx

Foodie Girl said...

LOVE the photos!

Mr. Stupid said...

Good for you. That is one nice list. Keep it up. BTW, great pics. I am happy they've had a successful marriage all these years...:)

Happy Sunday!

baili said...

hello happy love dear love your pics and wishing you bet of luck for each wish of yours

Heather said...

What a catch! (Ha ha, I try to make puns like my hubby but only can do it accidentally.)

Your mom in law and sock fashion expert look so similar! They're both so beautiful! And your dad in law is handsome in his navy outfit.

Molly @ Star Cottage said...

I love old photos, even if they aren't my own ;) And that dress is awesome! Fashion really does come back around.