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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Midnight, Moonlight March in the Marsh

I've been gone on vacation now for over a week and been terribly neglecting my blog. I have oodles and galore of blogging material, but I'm way too busy to even consider going near the computer to begin. Here's my 2nd attempt at an excerpt from of our visit with my in laws. I won't be able to comment on blogs while I'm here. The internet dial up connection here is painstakingly slooooowwww.
On the night of a bright full moon, well after dark, a strange occurrence took place. In a frigid part of the Land of 10,000 lakes, as the thermometer dipped down below zero, family members embarked on an unusual adventure. This was no ordinary family, per say. This was an extra ordinary clan.
Everyone dawned at least 2 layers of clothing. Many of us also dawned special warm attire and head lamps. The night was cold and clear. A full moon shone bright in the sky. The boys ran ahead as the rest of us adults trudged onward into the frozen swamp land. My father in law had made trails with his snowmobile weeks ago, and we were following one deep into the woods. As we hiked, I felt giddy with anticipation. I'd already covered about 5-6 miles that day running and walking, but I didn't want to miss this midnight escapade. It looked like too much fun. I ignored the stiffness in my legs and kept trudging on. The boys stopped to wait for us and I seized the opportunity to start shooting photos. My father in law reminded me that this was the exact same spot where I started shooting photos of last years hike, one we'd taken during the day that is.
As we continued on, we kept a wary eye for the Sasquatch of their back woods. Though his threat wasn't overly likely, Super Catman kept pretty close tabs on the boys and adults not wanting to be too far from somebody "just in case". More real danger lurking about, was the fresh wolf tracks littered across the fields of new fallen snow. The Archer had just come in excitedly that morning having found that right across the back yard, wolves had chased a deer the night before.
We searched diligently for the porcupine, who lived in a den deep in the forest, but he eluded us for the time being. Then we passed "the spooky tree". Nobody was very interested in gawking at it, especially Super Catman. Grandma's hair (and mine) by now had frosted over and hung like icicles around our shoulders. The moon shone bright, though a little fog surrounded it. It was beautiful, yet just a little bit ominous.
On the way back, we marched through an open area along a frozen creek and the bitterly cold winds slapped at our faces. Archer ran ahead often, and we half expected to find him jumping out of brushy, unexpected hiding places along the way. It made the night all the more suspenseful.
When at last, we returned from our midnight moonlight march, we were all ready to collapse in the warmth of their abode and we left the frigid Forest to the lonesome beasts who dwell there. Most certainly, they were relieved that the strange man creatures had returned to their home to allow the rightful creatures of the night to resume their shadowy reign.
You may wonder what kind of grandparents attend a moonlight hike in subzero temperatures in the middle of frozen swamp land. You may keep on wondering. They are a pretty special lot indeed. I don't have them all figured out myself, but I can tell you that among the world of grands, they're a hard act to follow.


Anonymous said...

Well, consider where they live! We know tons of folks from that state or who've been transplanted to that state -(our church is based in fergus falls) and they are a hearty bunch!

baili said...

great experience dear lucky to have all with you on such wonderful march take care

Caroline said...

Where are you staying? What an amazing time you are having. You really are an outdoor mom!

Foodie Girl said...

Simply amazing. You are so lucky!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

You just continue to amaze me. I'm blogging about the IRS and dollhouses and your taking hikes at midnight with Sasquatch. I'm in awe.