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Friday, February 26, 2010

Perfect 10 Update and The Carnivorous Cannibal Clown Canvas

Perfect 10 Update and The Carnivorous Cannibal Clown Canvas
1. Exercise 6 days a week – affirmative (its more of an addiction anyway)
2. Sit ups/planks 5x/week – well probably not 5x, but I haven’t given up that goal. I am hoping that one of these weeks it will actually happen. Really, I’m up to 100 but more like 2-3x/week
3. Healthy Idea in my kids daily – big check yes. I am logging that daily now and pleased with seeing several things every day, HOWEVER, it also makes me notice how many times I do UNHEALTHY things that my family follows suit in. That part leaves me feeling more like a heel more often than I like to discuss!
4. Current
5. Water – mostly, Fruit – yes, veggies – mostly
6. Mostly, and more aware when I am.
7. Hair – Done
8. Done
9. Weekly workout this week was with Mist. Boy did we run hard! I thought I would collapse, but kept a stiff upper lip. Finally she said “I need to stop”, which was the first time ever on record we stopped for her and not me. Remember she is a beautiful, athletic woman that is 15 years younger than I am. I am thinking quite possibly I should be awarded with some sort of medal for this feat of super human endurance ;-)
10. Guilty and hilarious! As I had mentioned, I have bought several pairs of new jeans. On Sunday, I took the tags off a pair and put them on before church. I asked my husband what he thought of them. He said “I already told you I don’t like those”. I informed him disgustedly that they were a different pair than the ones he didn’t like. Frustrated that I’d wasted my money on jeans my husband wasn’t fond of, I drug him over to the Walmart dressing room with me a few days ago as I tried on some $3 clearance pants. The first pair he was noncommittal about, other than to say he didn’t care for the color. The second pair he didn’t like on me. The wheels of progress seemed to be turning rather slowly, but he did give me some idea of something else he liked which gave me a ray of hope. Then he took off faster than I thought he could possibly move to hide in the men's section with some such drivel about finding gloves. Really and Honestly, I was impressed that he stood outside the dressing room at all. This was a stretch for him, and I thought it was sweet. Thankfully I didn't have an episode like Paula Here!
* Something about me. Oh these are always so hard to come up with. OK, well how about this one : Clowns creep me out! Really they do. It all started with this painting of a clown and a shoe that was in the hall outside my bedroom as a child. Every night, as I drifted off to sleep, I could see that clown and shoe art piece. One day, as my Aunt Ducky came to say "good night" to me, she saw my gaze toward the clown. She said "See that shoe? That clown ate a small child and all that is left of the child is that shoe sitting next to the clown. Good night dear. Sweet dreams." and with that, she disappeared down the stairs. Understandably, I was fearful of clowns, and particularly that painting. When my grandmother found out how much the picture upset me, she burned it in the fire place. (My grandmother was known for burning objects of distain in the fire place often). My cousin swore the clown would come back to enact vengeance upon me for his fiery demise. This perpetuated my aversion to clowns. Yes, I never thought clowns were very amusing and no clowning ;-)


clickmom said...

I am inspired by your goal of putting healthy idea out there for the kids every day. And clowns? Totally creepy, kid eaters or not.

baili said...

really glad to read about your top ten goals ,life without goal is unreasonable dear and buying new dresses is always joyful especially when you take them after your weight loss effort ,and i agree about clowns ,i had even bad dream about them once years back take care

Sit A Spell said...

I am not a fan of clowns...nuff said.

Ok, scrolled down your blog and OH MY, those mtn lion pics! I used to live in CO and hiked trails often with mtn lion signs...this fella is huge! I pray the Lords protection around you and your children.

Becky said...

That story about your husband is funny. As for the clown picture, that is not a nice story your Aunt told you. Sorta cool having a Grandma that burned things up in the fire. I know my boys would love that. lol

Heather said...

I love that story about Aunt Ducky! I can just hear her say it!