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Friday, April 30, 2010

$3 Home Beauty Solutions and The Pilgrimmage of My Hair

So I finally dyed my hair. Then my daughter layered it. It wasn't too traumatic. Okay, maybe a little bit. As you may remember, first I dyed it with henna last summer (heinous henna story). Then I went to a student at an academy (another crazy account involving my over active imagination). Both times ended in reprobate greys mocking me. Finally, in desperation, I bought a $3 box of brown/black dye at Walmart. I will spare you the details of this event, other than to say that there was a hole in my glove and it turned my finger black. It made my finger look like a zombie digit for a couple of days. Moonbeam pounded on the bathroom door wanting to be let in, which was a bit unnerving. After that she was quiet which was worse yet. It was also my daughters first attempt at layering. She went on youtube to figure it out. That would frighten most home beauty goers, but I, being a brave and desperate soul perservered. After her nervous plights, she was so pleased with it she layered her own hair. The color seems a bit dark, but I think I might like it. Mostly I like going by a mirror and not seeing gray hair giving me the raspberries. It was so rude that I imagine if I didn't do something quick, they were going to turn all Medusa on me.
I am working all weekend, so you will most likely see some "Working Mom Blues" posts to come. I hope you are all enjoying yours!!


Eric and Hannah Avery said...

I LOVE your hair! The color and cut seem perfect for you. Your daughter's looks very pretty too! She did a great job!

Friend of the Bear said...

Hi. You look STUNNING! And SFE looks pretty good too! You have a very talented daughter.

Bearfriend xx

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great! I used to strive for a natural looking color (which you did very well at)- now the greys, while natural have taken over my head! I think I may end up lightening or highlighting, to blend the greys in.

"Indescribable" said...

You are gorgeous!

portraitofduration said...

Love it :) it looks super cute.

Becky said...

You guys look great!!! I cut my own hair. I just bend over and snip the ends. Wa-la, my hair is layered! I am so cheap, but then I am not too vain either.