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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Celebrating Dad

Each kid wrote out some special memories to share with thier Dad. Here's him reading one.
My Favorite Times with Dad - By The Sock Fashion Expert
My favorite times with Dad are always when we just sit down talking about something that doesn't really matter. Like for instance, when we just talk about cookies and how neither of us like them with too many chocolate chips. Or when we just talk about a book or movie we just read/watched. Fishing was always another fun thing to do with Dad. He always finds a worm to split with me or a good spot for me to cast. Dad always has some funny joke to crack that Mom doesn't think is very funny. He has an odd sense of humor that for some reason makes me laugh! I remember when he used to threaten to give Kaleb or I shaving cream kisses. Yep, those are some of my favorite times with Dad.
Happy Birthday Dad (Memories) - By Art Dog
Dear Dad, How is your day so far? Thank you for being such a great Dad. We need to go to Persnnickety Pika Lake again. It was fun. I remember being the first one out and I caught a giant. By the end of the day you had a caught a bigger one. Thank you also for taking me shooting. I love going ground squirrel shooting with you. Thank you for the XR 70, over one thousand dollar motorcycle. I ride it allot and you pay for gas and oil. Everyday I cost you dollars. My favorite things to do with you are shoot, hike, fish, and gun shows. My favorite thing to do is not math but thank you for it anyway.
My Favorite Things to Do with Dad - Super Catman
Walking on a Walk. Motorcycle ride together. Going on car rides. You take me hunting squirrels. Me - I wouldn't be here without you!
*Since one of my favorite memories is listening to him read Patrick Mcmannus stories to us, I ordered him three new books we didn't have. Some times when we are out around a camp fire, or just sitting around the living room, he reads them to us. We all love that and we love listening to him laugh as he's reading!


Heather said...

Oh, happy birthday all over again! What wonderful memories. I like how ArtDog thanked you for the math, even though it wasn't his favorite thing!!

Mr. Stupid said...

Lovely letters. Many many memories, all on a paper.
Belated Birthday Wishes and a Big Smile :)!

baili said...

thanks for lovely sharing god bless you and happy birthday,god bless

Not all those who wander are aimless... said...

You truly live a beautiful and blessed life. I love reading your stories as your life is so much different from my own. Keep on posting! :-)

Becky said...

Wishing your hubby a blessed year. Looks like he had a fantastic birthday. ;-)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

What a special thing to do. I loved this idea and enjoyed reading them. What a wonderful family you have.