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Monday, April 12, 2010

Horrifying Havoc of the Human Hurricane (aka Moonbeam's Haunts)

Moonbeam got into a lot of mischief today. This morning she got into my dresser and took all my clothes out of the bottom drawer. Then she stood in it and opened up a top one so she could start taking stuff out of that one too!
In the afternoon, she "helped" The Sock Fashion Expert sorting laundry. She leaves a trail of disaster every place she's been. Whatever you do, do not, I repeat do not trust her with crayons!

I tried putting her down for a nap no less than 3x. The first time, she conned the kids to get her out saying "ewww" as if she needed her diaper changed. She was quite pleased that when they discovered her scheme, they fed her a bowl of jello. Then she dumped her left over jello on the floor. Have you ever tried to clean up jello?! Its terrible. She also managed to undress herself several times throughout the course of the day and proceeded to run around the house shrieking (and streaking). At last she is now peacefully recharging so that she may later avenge the cleaning I and the children have meagerly accomplished.
To follow up, in the evening she dumped a box of powdered milk out all over the floor and ate some of it. What's a mom to do?!


shortmama said...

She sounds like my two year old!

Sal said...

I remember when my little brother did more stuff like that. He loved putting oranges in the Christmas tree water to watch them float. HE ate all sorts of stuff. He would grab handfuls of baking soda and eat them. It was disgusting! He's a bit better now. LOL. I am glad they grow out of it.

Tricia said...


Heather said...

Oh, cute! I love the little bounce she does at the beginning of the movie.

About spilling powdered milk and eating it off the floor. . .at least she's getting some protein! (Do you call me the protein queen yet for how much I talk about it?)

I love the funny way you describe her avenging your cleaning!

Love ya.