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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art Dog, A Really Cool Kid, MISSadventures with MISS Belly Fat

"Stop!" yelled Art Dog in a loud, commanding voice "That's Peter!" Shocked, I looked around the produce aisle trying to decipher what he was warning me about. Everything looked okay. Then he grabbed the pear I had selected out of my hand dramatically and placed another one in it. "That was Peter The Pear" he informed me matter of fact. I couldn't stop laughing once my initial shock had dissipated.
Today Art Dog mediated, or rather parented two rather unruly girls. Produce was not the only thing I'd bought in town yesterday. I'd found some M&M's on sale. I know better, but Miss Belly Fat happened to make her appearance at that moment and conned me into buying them. Her reasoning was as follows : "If you buy the plain instead of the peanut you won't eat them." I asked her how she could be so sure. She assured me that I was buying them strictly for cookies. I failed to see that her reasoning was flawed because I would want to eat the cookies. The logic at hand had convinced me, despite it's undercurrent of deceitfulness. By mid-day today, I was sneaking into them. Sock Fashion Expert promptly caught me and confiscated them. Innocently, later that day, I was about to fill the tea kettle when I discovered the M&M's. I hid them from the Sock Fashion Expert. Promptly, the Sock Fashion Expert found them. Suddenly a fight erupted. Miss Belly Fat suddenly charged the Sock Fashion Expert, knowing fully well she had a good 40 pounds on her. There was screaming, yelling and a terrible earth shattering noise shook the room. By now all the children were drawn into the kitchen by the ruckus. The earth shattering sound happened to be the bag of M&M's ripping open and flying all over the kitchen. Moonbeam became frightened by the chaotic sounds and wailed, though her mouth was soon too busy to fuss. Suddenly all the kids were eager to help us pick them up. Art Dog scolded us and took the meager leftovers into his room to "guard them" until it was time to make the cookies. The Sock Fashion Expert and I were no longer entrusted to them. Despite every one's pleas, Art Dog kept a solemn watch on them until The Sock Fashion Expert had cookie dough ready.
Art Dog also decided to come along running with The Dolphin Goddess and I today. As you know, my kids are all training for a 5k (so mom will do their dishes for a month). I showed up wearing my running shoes, wind breakers and a stop watch. He showed up wearing his old hiking boots and jeans with holes in both the knees. Despite my running garb, he showed me up, effortlessly running the 3 miles barely breaking a sweat. The Dolphin Goddess also ran the 3 miles effortlessly looking as if she was floating along rather than running. She chattered on not even sounding winded. In short, they both kicked my butt! I huffed and puffed and gulped. At one point I even thought I might hurl. Her pace is quite a bit faster than mine. In the end, they graciously slowed a bit for me. Our grueling time - 31 minutes. Dolphin Goddess suggested Art Dog try training as he showed a lot of potential. She didn't mention my athletic prowess. Purely an oversight on her part, I am sure.
Our Art Dog is quite the kid. He's a lean mean hunting machine in the fall. The kid is all muscle. He never ceases to amaze me with physical endurance. During the day, he does his school, chores and helps with the baby always wearing a smile. He's got an incredible sense of humor. He's easy going and enjoyable to be around. He's even mature enough to mentor two scrapping chicks ;-) What a kid! I'm real proud of him as you can tell. He's a really cool kid!


cmoursler said...

you should've told him you were just rying to liberate those poor m&m's from the bag...and how cute is moon beam...very.

Mr. Stupid said...

Another day at the kitchen. Glad, it all ended well with only the loss of a bag.
Moonbean's really cute. Nice moves...:)

Have a good day!

toytrkman said...

Yes, he is quite a boy. He even has seemed to forgotten all the times his older sister beat on him too now that he can hold his own against her. ;-}

"Indescribable" said...

so sweet of you to buy m&m's for the kids....

When I was a runner - and would run with my sista... she would talk nonstop as if we weren't running! Finally I told her not to mind if I don't answer her b/c I was concentrating on breathing!