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Friday, June 4, 2010

Pita and Hummus Can Be Our Friend

Moonbeam helps herself to slices of watermelon and eats 4 all!

The other day we found our eldest two singing worship songs and playing guitar together. Life is good!

"Who can find a virtuous man for his worth is far above rubies..............

"That dress looks good on you baby" said my husband as we were getting ready for church - smack, hug, snuggle. The week started out well. That is until we were rushing out the door. A last minute bathroom trip turned into disaster when the corner of my new favorite dress landed in the toilet. We were already late leaving......had I not received such a nice reception for wearing it, I'd have changed. I hoped the dress corner would dry and headed out to the car ignoring the voice of reason screaming at me. I should have known the beginning of such a week would bring surprises.
"I liked your dried up bread balls" Super Catman complimented me in his own unique way. He was referring to the chicken and dumplings I'd made "a few days earlier. Those turned out pretty good. He wasn't anywhere near as receptive when I sprung pitas with hummus on them last night.
Super Catman, himself, began crying violently when he was told he had to try it. Then he loudly gagged. The reaction from the rest of the kids was pretty much the same, except with their own form of protests. In short, they acted like I was serving them dog crap, fresh scooped of the lawn on a platter. At least they all were willing to eat the pitas......
Am I alone?! Is there anybody out there who likes pitas and hummus?!
I'm excited for Cowgirl. She recently got a job at our local hospital. I helped her yesterday changing her CNA over. It will be a good fresh start for her.


"Indescribable" said...

I love your pics! Moonbeam is getting older... now cut that out!

The oldest two - how did you get them to do that? I know, you didn't do anything, they just did it b/c they have such loving parents and love God so much ! I see a bright future for both of them!

And a hubby that sews? I am in AWE... You're week is awesome, especially b/c you forced hummus on your kids! HA HA - the power of mom!

I LOVE HUMMUS! Sometimes I put a smidge of olive oil on a pita split in half and pop it in my toaster oven and then put hummus on that! YUM! (I even sprinkle some seasoning on it as it toasts... mmmm) You're kiddos are lucky you share the hummus!
Hugs to you my friend.

Mr. Stupid said...

Oh No! Sorry about that dress. Hope it dried on time. BTW, Moonbeam's new haircut is looking great. Nice pictures.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Moonbeam is a little doll. I never thought to take photos of my kids for their first haircut. Great idea. How nice too that your kids were worshiping together. That's got to make your mother's heart proud.
I like Pita okay, but hummus? Not so much.

Heather said...

Oh, I love pitas and hummus! And I feel the same sense of bewilderment when I try to feed my family recipes that I think are great--like wheatberry salad (that was just yesterday).

Thanks for putting up pictures of Moonbeam! ADORABLE!

toytrkman said...

I sewed up my pants pockets only because I couldn't convince my daughter to do it for me.

Becky said...

My sons like hummus, alas we have not eaten it since leaving California.