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Saturday, July 31, 2010

mohawk grenades, tough chicks and bible camp

Rare footage of my husband and his little bro...

She wasn't all that thrilled about the goodbye kiss when we took her out for breakfast...

leaving for camp...

our "romantic" target practice evening (just ask Bueford)

Parents night at camp - a new friend

floating the river yesterday

There are few things as delicious as a chocolate cherry or chocolate huckleberry smoothie. Mmmm....Start with a load of frozen pitted cherries or hucks. Strawberries or raspberries would be good too. That should be the bulk of your blender. Add to that some juice or milk (just enough to blend it). A scoop of ice cream, cream or yogurt. Some Saigon cinnamon, real vanilla, almond. A little sweetener and a load of cocoa powder. Oh yum!! Healthy yet dreamy.....

Here are some highlights from my week thus far :
1. I got my BUTT KICKED by a 63 year old lady. Well swimming that is. Really, i'm tellen ya that she is the most INCREDIBLE swimmer!! So graceful too.... Whatever distance we swim to, she's always there waaaayyy before i am. Then she does the BACK FLOAT to wait for me. I'm that much slower. Lucky for me, she's been giving me some pointers on improving my form. Possibly cuz she's tired of twiddling her thumbs waiting for me to get there - just kidding. She's a super sweet lady whose been swimming with me every week. We're doing an open water swim together next week. When i grow up i wanna be as buff as she is....
2. I floated the river with a few of my kids yesterday. It was fun. Moonbeam decided she wanted "out" about half way there. After that it became interesting - lol.
3. Today is our next "Extreme Chicks Hike". We're hiking up a mountain together and also stopping by a lake. So far i know of 14 chicks coming. Should be fun!!
4. Sock Fashion Expert went off to Bible Camp this week. We all miss her, but i'm afraid the feeling isn't mutual. She's having the time of her life. We attended "parents night" last night and she didn't seem the least bit home sick.
5. The boys threw "Mr. T. Grenades" at each other. Check out their one day "do's".
6. Moonbeam succeeded in stopping this post temporarily as i caught her playing in the toilet with her new clothes on!! The other day when she was wearing a new outfit she snuck off to a dirty mud puddle!! Little Stinker anyway!!
7. Wednesday i swam a simulated distance to my open water swim - approximately 1.76 miles - whew!!
8. In an attempt to do something "romantic" with my husband that he likes to do, he took me target shooting along with the boys. Long story. He was super sweet earlier in the week tho when we went out for breakfast and had a treat along a babbling brook in the forest.
9. We all went up a mountain looking for hucks, but it was allot of work. Its a little too early in the season up here and most of them were green. Thanks to all the men's hard work, we did manage a gallon and a half of so.
Okay, well you get the picture!! Its been a pretty busy week. I hope you're enjoying the summer just as much (or more) than i am!! Tell me what you've been up to - i'd love to hear your comment.......
Ps 55:22 Cast your burden on the LORD, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.


Eric and Hannah Avery said...

Sounds like y'all have been having a pretty full life! I like the mohawks! Your husband sounds a lot like my husband.


Mr. Stupid said...

Glad this one was posted even though Moonbeam was playing in the Toilet. Great pictures. Looks like so much of fun. Have a great time at the hike.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I wish we had a body of water close by to go swim in. Well, I do have a neighbor with a pool, but it isn't the same as a lake or the ocean. I'll bet you feel so blessed to live in all that beauty. I'm sure Sock had a great time at camp. My kids didn't get homesick when they went either.
Loved the verse and photos too :-)

Mar said...

Oh, so much fun reading your posts. I love the Mohawk cuts, they are, dare I say this about the "mens"..sooo cute! mar.

Heather said...

Love keeping up with your family!

We took the girls to the county fair and went through all the animal barns, had our yearly corndog (delicious!) and shared a chocolate shake while listening to a family band.

We also took the girls canoeing for the first time yesterday. It went much better than we'd thought!

Today the girls have been pretending I am you, and blue duck is Moonbeam. Most of K's comments toward me start with, "Auntie. . ."

Love to all!