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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Working Mom Blues - Tranquil, Tropical Traits

Today, before my stretch of weekend shifts, I met Blue Alice for a lovely swim at a lake near her home base. It was a lot of fun and I was glad to do something so unwinding before winding myself up all over again..... The week started out at a modestly chaotic pace and ended with a hectic one to boot. Thank goodness for my little oasis in there. Here's a few pics from a nice family day at the lake not all that long ago too. Seeing pics like this remind me that my busyness is only short lived and I will soon, again, be in the company of children and water.....
Silver Belle and I also managed to make it to the beach together this past week. Her boys and mine had a grand ol' time playing on a floating log and all across the lakes outer edges and back again. The eldest boy headed out with a fly fishing rod and tube. It was a fun day until her dog started barking at a stout looking woman hulking along the shore. She seemed rather pleasant and Silverbelle was inclined to invite her to dinner. Of course I always bulk at such things and in the end she let the woman escape to where ever she'd come from. Silver Belle is always taking in stray people and animals. Its been such a long time since I've spent any time at all with her. It was good for the boys to get a good play time in.
Archer is off at work these days. He recently started working as part of a local house building crew. He's pleased to gain some new found skills while he continues to contemplate college options. Sock Fashion Expert is getting ready for a week of Bible Camp. The boys continue their care free life in the outdoors. Yesterday Art Dog brought home some wild berries from his scouting expedition. He was all too happy SFE agreed to make turn overs with them. Super Catman recently got his "fang" pulled, which was actually an extra tooth. Strangely, he preferred the unusual fang like tooth to a true front adult tooth. Now he carries it around proudly to show off to anyone who cares to observe it. Moonbeam continues to be a real "terrific two". She is forever busy, bossy, and determined. Such is my world at home. Here's to wishing your weekend tranquil and tropical......

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Mr. Stupid said...

Too bad you had a hectic week. At least you had a nice time swimming. Cute pictures.