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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Dreaded Deranged Deer and A Bawling Baby Bear

Last Week Moonbeam Decided to Help Herself to A Boxed Cake Mix On My Massage Chair!! Then when I dragged it outside to clean it off She Got In My Scrub Bucket!!

Luckily I was meeting A Friend at The Lake So I could Debrief While the Kids Swam!!

Last Week The Kids Decided To Make A Fashion Statement at VBS!!

"The Trouble is that most of us live in anticipation or in memory, never in the present moment. There must always be times like this when you just sit still and listen, feel, see. You live longer and live infinitely better." - Louis L'Amour

The Lake began calling me this past week. Even when I didn't plan to go, it lured me out there. The past couple of days haven't been all that warm, and still, I'd be out running my route and find myself taking a detour. Leaving all sense and cares behind, I'd run a few miles and then plunge into the still peaceful waters. After expending sufficient energy, I was back running toward home again. Such has been my last few days experiences......

The Sock Fashion Expert had some wild animal encounters yesterday. I was curled up reading "Under The Sweetwater Rim" and I thought her to be gone a little longer than usual. Little did I know she was being threatened by a large buck acting aggressively. He came out of the woods more than once at her and began pawing the ground with his head down. Just when she thought he was going to charge, a car of ladies drove up and started taking pictures of him giving her ample escape. No sooner had she eluded the strange acting deer, but a baby bear cub ran across the road right in front of her. She said it was crying a sound like "ma ma! ma ma!" She figured she'd better take her chances with the deranged deer and began back tracking her steps to a different route home. Shaking with adrenaline she burst into the doors to tell us of her adventure....


Mr. Stupid said...

That's one adventure. I'm glad those ladies arrived on time.
Great pictures. Moonbeam's adorable!:)

Mamma has spoken said...

I bet those ladies weren't from around there!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh my goodness, a bear and a buck on the same day! The closest I've ever come to either was while I was in a car :-) I do remember seeing a mama and her two babies running not far from the road once, and just past a spot where there were a group of people fishing by a lake. I remember thinking that I was glad I wasn't in that fishing party.
Have a wonderful 4th of July :-)

Becky said...

My goodness what an adventure Sock Fashion Expert had! Whoa! Love all the pictures and especially the family picture on the blog header! You guys all look great!

Buttercup said...

Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's. Will definitely be back to visit. Enjoyed reading about your family adventures.